by Russ Winter
Winter Watch

Disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In another clear sign of how low our dystopian society has sunk comes Caroline Bosmans, a 44-year-old Belgian designer of children’s clothing. Bosmans’ “luxury society” brand is about faceless children, uninspired clothing, deranged imagery and high price tags. To our eyes, it looks like another in a long line of death-cult, trauma-based MK Ultra ritual abuse to create dissociative personalities.

It seamlessly combines with the Crime Syndicate’s now long-duration program of forcing children to attend school wearing masks that stifle their oxygen and steadily damage their developing brains.

This is combined with fear. The goal is to alter brain waves, setting the stage for specific trained behaviors (aka brainwashing) that have “on” and “off” triggers or switches.

Even before the Covid-1984 scamdemic, Bosmans was introducing the concept of covered faces in her 2019 “clothing line.” Here (image above), we see a little girl wearing an ensemble of a long brim hat the obscures the face combined with the standard ghoulish death skull/head of bunnies.

Surprise, surprise. Bosmans also favors the use of the smiley face, a death-cult symbol we’ve discussed on our pages.

Among the imagery in Bosmans advertising: children posing clutching their genitals, a child on a toilet and children on face down on the ground.

In some images, there are pizza boxes and children looking upset and distressed.

On some of the children’s shirts and pants are the words “Eat People.”

Next up: The Covid-19 FEMA camp dystopian ensemble.

Future Gimps in making (ref. ‘Pulp Fiction’)

Two traumatized-looking cross-dressing twin boys in knit dresses, one with the words “I’m pretty confused.”

The brand loves pics of anonymous children who appear asleep … or drugged, or broken … or dead.

Lots of injuries and hospital scenes. The two girls in the background are like something from “The Shining.”

Lots of sad looking one-eyed Illuminati poses. Or maybe this little one just didn’t like rat jacket and Cloaca scarf. Oxford’s definition of cloaca: “a common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory and genital products in vertebrates.”  Ha Ha, this seems to be an inside joke for perverts.

Lots of questionable poses, such as this one, being bent over, or having things placed over their heads as restraints.

Costumes with disemboweled internal organs falling out and dropping between the legs.

Images of children “caught in headlights,” like they are being targeted.

Here we have the serial killer Israel Keyes suffocation ensemble.

The transvestite and the child ensemble.

Same ol’, same ol’. Busted, Bosmans.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Adding to the bad vibes, all of the children in the advertising appear to be either sad, upset, traumatized or … dead. In short, the brand is a reflection of the Crime Syndicate’s sickening sub-culture of preying on children. It’s about using and abusing children. It’s about evil and the capture of these industries by satanic discordians. The capture looks quite complete.