Dr. Poornima Wagh’s team test ingredients 2305 vials of Covid-19 injection – The shocking facts!

  • https://beforeitsnews.com/education/2022/10/bio-weaponvax-is-set-to-kill-50-of-the-population-5-billion-that-took-it-asap-ingredients-all-different-in-doses-dr-poornima-waghs-team-test-ingredients-2305-vials-of-covid-19-injection-the-sho-2461773.html

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21 Responses to “Dr. Poornima Wagh’s team test ingredients 2305 vials of Covid-19 injection – The shocking facts!”

  1. raymond says:

    A remarkable and shocking video, even if only a small percentage of the conclusions prove correct .
    Either these 18 top experts and specialists are deranged and a club of corrupt lunatics OR t “We” are suffering from the greatest act of evil ever visited on our species.
    For there to be proof that all Covid and “Flu” vaccines have identical ingredients and are packed with pathogens including a list of heavy metals, and regardless of manufacturer, all with no mRNA present anywhere is mind boggling, imho .

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Remarkable and shocking indeed raymond

      There is some stunning info in there, some very bad, some very good [for refusniks at least, those that haven’t taken the injections at all]

      For instance:

      All covid injections [they are NOT a vaxx] have the same ingredients, every single one!

      Covid injections are a chemical weapon, NOT a bioweapon. All jabs, every brand, are full of toxic graphene oxide and heavy metals. There are zero biological agents in any of them

      The same chemical weapon is in the flu injections [not a vaxx] since 2019. All full of graphene oxide and heavy metals

      There are no placebos

      There is massively variable toxicity, mild to very severe due to massive variability of toxic amounts [Russian roulette]. Hence the quick deaths and the perfectly fine folk at the same time

      The more boosters you take the higher the toxicity in your body. Enough boosters means certain death

      There is no “shedding” at all, none! Yippee

      Only injections are toxic, nothing else. Covid does not exist as an illness

      And a lot, lot, more too

      It all makes total sense too. It passes the common sense test when weighed up against my existing knowledge, which is quite extensive after 2+ years of study

      This is essential viewing for everybody

      And it has a very optimistic ending too which really resonates with me

      Thanks so much for reposting this Weaver [it was released in August originally, which is clear if you view it on BitChute]

      And thanks for persevering with me personally too Weaver, very, very, much appreciated

      • Weaver says:

        It’s a pleasure Pete and thank you for your support on the site everyone brings real value to discovering the truth.

  2. danceaway says:

    Raymond, if you look back in the recent archives you will find there has been considerable discussion about this lady and the findings of her group over the past several months. Very interesting and as yet unresolved issues.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    This lady received a lot of flak a few months back with allegations of fraudulent credentials, and more if I recall. I did not pay too much attention at the time and I therefore have no relevant info

    But obviously mud sticks and these doubts linger. This is often how truth tellers are undermined of course. Problem is that it is also the way that real frauds are undermined too

    Can anybody reassure me that she is verified genuine now? That she is not a fraud. I don’t want to spend over an hour being propagandised by a fraud

  4. danceaway says:

    This is old information, Pete. We published it a while back. There is a researcher on substack who is investigating, and he thinks she is being targeted by a person who is doing so on behalf of the controlled opposition.

    All yet undetermined. But the site before its news is a bit late to the game.

    • Weaver says:

      If you listen to the video Dr. Poornima Wagh tells you how to find her credentials and where she got her qualifications from. If you would like to post them danceaway that would be useful and also the articles stating that she is being investigated. If we do not back up our comments then we are no better than the controlled opposition.

  5. danceaway says:

    It has already been posted, Weaver. It is all in the archives. Several pieces.

  6. Weaver says:

    Pete I believe having read the below article that Dr. Wagh is being attacked for telling the truth about what she is finding in her research.
    “Having reviewed the totality of the publicly available evidence regarding the existence of RNA in the vaccines and viruses generally, I do not think there’s enough to call Dr. Wagh a fraud. I certainly haven’t done the work myself to know that, and I find Pacifica operatives unbelievable. Coppolino certainly had no interest in what I reported and I believe he is a fraud.

    The way he has publicly dressed down courageous scientists and media broadcasters for going near this data has been disgraceful.

    Yes, I do have questions as to why such a study to isolate the virus by the CDC would be done. And yes there were contradictory statements made by Wagh that need investigation. I am not disputing any of that.

    HOWEVER: Even without Dr. Wagh’s evidence, researchers from around the world have presented valid data worth pursuing further, showing that what is in the jab is not what is said to be in the jab.

    My opinion is that Eric Coppolino is basically a useless distraction and likely a deep state agent working to kill the truth about what is in the jab, to disrupt the no-virus group, and to monitor his community generally.

    Why does he want to silence Wagh? This suggests she should not be dismissed.

    I suggest Coppolino show his credentials — Langley?”

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks Weaver, you’ve put my mind at rest, much appreciated. I will watch the vid now

      Is it any wonder that nornies just rely on the mainstream lies. Getting to the root of many of these issues is not easy. The alternative media is full of agents too it seems. And it is a time consuming process, time that most busy working family folk haven’t got

      That said, for an old guy like me who has the time then, there is no option. Mistakes are inevitably made though, hard to trust any new source really unless it is a familiar one

      That said if you are consistent in your observation you soon learn who is reliable and who isn’t. I have a large number of bookmarks for sites that I really trust. I’ve used these for so many years that it is now rare to be conned by these sources, I rarely bin bookmarks from my A and B lists now. Needless to say Tapnewswire is in the top section of my A list

      • Weaver says:

        Pete I agree with what you say and I think Tapneswire is very fortunate to attract such reliable bloggers and I want to thank everyone who contributes to this site.

  7. ian says:

    Like I said the first time, I believe this lass is telling the truth. She seems genuine to me.

  8. raymond says:

    Don’t get it !!
    If she was attacked several months ago, somebody must have checked out by now on her and the groups background and credentials
    Is this BS or not ? Is it part true and part not etc ?
    She denies the existence of Spike Proteins in any vaccines , for example. But how many studies have separately reported on the concentration and distribution of SPs throughout the body and brain ?
    Are all these other research findings nonsense now? And who says so? And Why?

    • stevie k says:

      The spike protein story is disinfo to try and back up the ” Contagious Virus” BS much the same as the “Gain of function” & “Escaped from a Lab” story lines. There to distract you from the real dangers contained in the shots.

  9. danceaway says:

    It would seem that we do not yet have any inconclusive evidence, Raymond. Perhaps we never will; perhaps the injectables have been changed from what they were originally, as researchers began to expose them? It does seem strange that Poornima denies the existence of spike proteins, but could she be correct? Could they have been a creation of someone’s imagination to give us something to blame? Or could it be that there were none in the samples her disparate group tested?

    I did see one interesting comment; a person also testing, or attempting to test vials, said that it is extremely difficult to get one’s hands on these vials; no one will give them to you; you almost need to steal them from a pharmacy or such like. So this person could not understand how she managed to get more than 2000+. I think the spanish scientists believe that the bodies reaction to graphene and 5G can produce the spike proteins and then all the dilatory effects on the human body cascade….

    There seems to be one group which vehemently disputes the graphene oxide claim; this group includes ‘people’ rather prominent in the investigation area, so to speak. This may be some of those who targeted Poornima. The graphene oxide relates so closely to the 5G connection, which may be about to kick off in the west, so needs to be suppressed?

    Who knows? It seems we need to keep a very open mind and not become too attached to any one theory, at this point?

    All we really know is that the injectables are extremely harmful and this is intentional. Perhaps that is all we need to know!?Perhaps trying to find out more is a distraction? There are certainly no clear cut or easy answers.

  10. raymond says:

    Taking your thoughts about the vials, Danceaway , remember that there were at least 18 persons in a position to obtain 2000+ in total and possibly far more people — colleagues, friends etc . And of course, they did not necessarily have to be stolen — favours and bribery would suffice.
    A “believability ” factor in her favour , imo, is the assertion that every vial had an identical ingredient make-up.
    And the more so with this same claim for all flu and covid shots. Surely an absurd claim unless true .
    Apa\rt from the point relating to the Spike Protein I found the video compelling and believable .

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Me too raymond, see my reply to your comment at the start of this discussion. The vid is compelling and believable, it passes my common sense test. Not infallible I accept but usually pretty accurate

      Ian’s instinct above was ” I believe this lass is telling the truth. She seems genuine to me”. Having carefully viewed the vid then I would agree

      I tend to agree with stevie k too, in his comment just above that the spike protein story is disinfo. I have consistently viewed the “shedding spikes” as fear porn for the wide awake

      Finally danceaway nails it “All we really know is that the injectables are extremely harmful and this is intentional. Perhaps that is all we need to know!?”

      • ian says:

        The last comment by Danceaway, Pete, sums up our situation perfectly. Excellent comments overall on this post.

  11. ian says:

    Great repost Weaver, it certainly got everyone talking.