For Readers Interested in the questions that have been raised about Dr P Wagh; A Researcher investigates the legitimacy of the claims against her

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Only frauds attack without serious investigation

Dr. Poornima Wagh’s story and evidence have not been given a fair hearing. Independent research done by scientific investigators around the world support her claims.

Sep 2

I published the story that everyone should be reading and sharing (in my not-humble view), which is that independent investigators have found no RNA in the COVID injections. Across the board, all researchers found no evidence of mRNA.

The attacks on Dr. Wagh are attacks on this evidence.

Dr. Wagh reported that her group tested over 2,000 vaccines and was international. This corresponds to what I knew before Wagh came out. I already knew there was such groups in operation because they reported their results publicly. I knew there were individuals in Europe, South America and North America as well as the UK testing vial contents. Many people knew this.

I had even sent such data to my own state representatives.

And as I reported a few days ago, these independent jab investigators all found no evidence of mRNA or any RNA in the COVID “vaccine” injections. I concede I’d like to see more RNA quantification done, but that doesn’t change my opinion or the results. Such further investigation would only confirm what has been presented by these researchers.

So when I sent this RNA jab story out, one of the people I had the stupidity of sending a link to was Eric Coppolino. So I apologize now to the public for sending something to someone I already had a suspicion was an agent. But not so great a suspicion that I didn’t send it.

I understood Coppolino to have worked with the Baileys, whom I gave credibility based on their work (with lesser credibility to Dr. Mark due to his misinterpretation of the Swedish HUH7 cell study falsely used to claim the jab is a gene editor).

So ostensible reporter Eric Coppolino, of Pacifica Radio, was the only of this small group other than Dr. McCairn to reply to me regarding this piece. At this time I did not know he was with Pacifica.

Pacifica is well known to be a controlled outlet, mainly controlled by establishment Democrats with a racial agenda, and the CIA. Veteran journalist Alex Constantine, who has scooped many CIA plots over decades, notes that Pacifica is infiltrated by the CIA. The leading conspiracy journalist of the 1970s and early 80s, Mae Brussell, was famously booted from Pacifica for reporting on CIA activities.

Pacifica Network’s flagship Democracy Now! is certainly no longer alternative media but highly mainstream, and Pacifica Network itself has a COVID-19 Task Force(which appears to be special COVID- and race-related programming).

This writer further has personal knowledge of the contemporary history of Pacifica Radio Network in New York City and its rancorous innerworkings.

Coppolino did not care about the results showing no RNA found. He only asked me: Was my only source Wagh? He didn’t ask about anything other than Wagh. Well, I said, you didn’t read it, so read it and you will see that no, it was many more people. Try reading it.

Eric Coppolino and his sidekick cannot possibly know in detail what the evidence for no RNA is, because they spent their time investigating Wagh rather than the scientific evidence.

So they focus on the researcher’s credentials. This is a very textbook political attack technique, apparently necessitated by the fact that the researcher has not presented her paper(s).

As I told Coppolino, my sources were not only the Quinta Columna, comprising many scientists whom Cowan-Kaufman dismissed without serious hearing; Europeans such as Holger Reissner, whose investigation I watched on video; Dr. Robert O. Young’s report; the Baileys’ report with Robin Wakeling; Kevin McCairn’s findings; and there are many many reports from various Spanish-speaking / international researchers.

These are all public sources that have come out in the past year a half.

So when Dr. Wagh came onto the scene, she confirmed what was already presented to the public over the past year and a half.

Dr. Wagh’s results were in line with what Quinta Columna, the biologist Juan Garberis, and so many others have courageously brought forward. I can repost all of this data but it is publicly available. These people, many anonymous, appear to be heroes who have risked their lives, as far as we know.

These researchers’ evidence is also consistent with the scientific literature regarding graphene oxide and the political literature regarding biosecurity plans.

Coppolino’s attacks concern, firstly, the fact that one of Wagh’s former schools doesn’t have a record of her thesis or attendance. Wagh stated in her defense that the school would not release the records unless they had her permission, or they would be sued. And she also stated that another reporter had tried to get those records and had failed to get them.

In my view, credentials are not really a concern especially when your father worked for Pfizer for 35 years (if that is true but has not been confirmed by anyone; no one has talked to the father apparently) and you basically have a back door in. Yes, that in itself gives pause as well, which is why we are only doing our due diligence to vet the work.

Nevertheless her reported results are consistent with the others.

We can’t assume Wagh is faking them or doesn’t have the results because Wagh has not been forthcoming with her paper. It could be because Wagh said that Coppolino was harassing her.

Wagh noted that she was vigorously attacked.

Coppolino himself reports, without naming the no-virus group member involved, that Poornima stated: “‘I spoke with him on the phone and I was SEVERELY grilled like I was perhaps a criminal or a fraud by his standards on the phone for over 30 minutes. This phone call happened yesterday at around 1:30 pm California time. I was very shocked with the questions asked and the tone taken in the call,’ she wrote in her Aug. 27 email to the doctor.”

Does this sound like a fair hearing? It’s certainly interesting that the doctor is not named.

Wagh also reported to Regis Tremblay that Eric Coppolino gave Dr. Wagh an astrology reading when he called her. And he “confirmed” her very personal details such as date of birth.

Yes he is an astrologer, but why was Coppolino giving Wagh an astrology reading wherein he learns her birth date and personal details?

Also interestingly, as long as Coppolino is interested in backgrounds, people may want to know that according to Wikipedia, “In 2018, after an internal investigation involving multiple #MeToo allegations, Chronogram severed ties with Francis [Coppolino]. The astrologer was let go from his positions at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and Radio Kingston in the same time period.”

Wagh in fact claimed that Coppolino harassed her as well in her last interview with Regis Debray.

So Coppolino is an astrologer and probably a sex harasser, whom we can reasonably presume did something untoward since he was let go from three different organizations.

Coppolino further cites Mike Donio’s and Mike Stone’s alleged statements as evidence that Wagh could not have done the virus isolation study as such because they do them in batches. They also express disbelief that Wagh allegedly did not know there were multiple genomes assigned to SARS-CoV-2.

However, Wagh’s story is that the alleged lead investigator wanted the isolation done three times, which is not normal. And the procedure used was said to be not normal. So normal procedures, as the story has it, were not used. This was a point of needed clarification. I would probe into this story more.

These statements of two guys, only one of whom worked in a lab, do not suffice to dissuade me from wanting to at least try to get more information from Dr. Wagh. Mike Donio’s criticisms are purely speculative.

Further, if Wagh stated that her report was taken in a raid, it is highly plausible she has copies elsewhere because documents are no longer local to time and place. She could have had copies on a cloud somewhere. Is that beyond Coppolino’s conception?

Is it also unconceivable to Coppolino that Wagh would not want to work with people who may have been hostile to her, as she said the no-virus group was?

It is also interesting to note that perennial controlled opposition reporter James Corbett also got in on the action in ‘debunking’ Wagh. Corbett still accepts the existence of viruses but never touches the issue and has a humanities background.

Moreover, he, Ryan Cristian of Last American Vagabond and Whitney Webb all attacked Quinta Columna’s Ricardo Delgado in 2021 as a fraud with no further review.

Having reviewed the totality of the publicly available evidence regarding the existence of RNA in the vaccines and viruses generally, I do not think there’s enough to call Dr. Wagh a fraud. I certainly haven’t done the work myself to know that, and I find Pacifica operatives unbelievable. Coppolino certainly had no interest in what I reported and I believe he is a fraud.

The way he has publicly dressed down courageous scientists and media broadcasters for going near this data has been disgraceful.

Yes, I do have questions as to why such a study to isolate the virus by the CDC would be done. And yes there were contradictory statements made by Wagh that need investigation. I am not disputing any of that.

HOWEVER: Even without Dr. Wagh’s evidence, researchers from around the world have presented valid data worth pursuing further, showing that what is in the jab is not what is said to be in the jab.

My opinion is that Eric Coppolino is basically a useless distraction and likely a deep state agent working to kill the truth about what is in the jab, to disrupt the no-virus group, and to monitor his community generally.

Why does he want to silence Wagh? This suggests she should not be dismissed.

I suggest Coppolino show his credentials — Langley?

The no-virus team seems to be out to prove Wagh a fraud. As Tom Cowan says, that’s not science. Science entails openness. Yet the no-virus group has already dismissed the evidence of Quinta Columna and accepted flimsy to no evidence of jab gene editing capability.

Both Drs. Cowan and Kaufman and Dr. Mark Bailey have fraudulently implied that the jab could be a gene editor based on a study that uses methodologies they themselves reject (Swedish HUH7 cell line “reverse transcriptase” study; Donio dissented thankfully).

They’ve dismissed the evidence of no RNA in the jabs, and appear to ignore evidence of scientific malfeasance on the part of Dr. Robert O. Young.

It is curious that the “no-virus group” has summarily dismissed the evidence from these independent researchers regarding graphene and no RNA. And curious that someone from their group, which had a ‘competing venture’, the Virus Challenge, has now attacked the researcher in such a way that she won’t respond.

My suggestion is that all people should further look at the evidence of no RNA in the jab. And those who do not understand that proof of SARS-CoV-2 has not been demonstrated scientifically should follow up on that with Drs. Cowan and Kaufman and through Mike Stone’s excellent blog,

Shouldn’t we consider the totality of independent evidence of what is in the vial? And there is certainly more coming all of the time as studies of autopsies and vaccinated blood offer more evidence of what is the jab.

And, as noted in my prior story, does anyone else notice that Dr. Young is mischaracterizing his results in a way that changes them? And that he is mischaracterizing them to Corona Investigative Committee’s Reiner Fuellmich and Viviana Fisher?

Upshot: Even without Wagh, we have concerning evidence that there is no RNA in the jab, as well as no SARS-CoV-2 virus. Her evidence would merely confirm that for which what we already have substantial evidence.

We hope that Dr. Wagh will regroup and rethink her decision to no longer talk to the public or media. I hope that Dr. Wagh will respond to me and I will report any data that I receive from her here. If she is a fraud, I will certainly report it. But it is not fair to attack her on her credentials alone, without serious investigation of the results she reported and that others reported.

Reporters and scientists, and humans generally, should maintain openness to all possibilities.

My opinion is that Coppolino should be persona non grata in the health freedom movement and the new biology movements. A person with a history of sexual harassment or assault, employed by a political outlet known to be controlled, is not someone to ally with.

Coppolino is not a legitimate actor. He smells bad. His reports ignore and distract from the totality of evidence that there is no RNA in the jab and that the public is being poisoned with graphene oxide shots.

UPDATE: PURNIMA WAGH is indeed found on PubMed. We’ve found her papers from her earlier work in an oncology lab. Will report this later.




4 Responses to “For Readers Interested in the questions that have been raised about Dr P Wagh; A Researcher investigates the legitimacy of the claims against her”

  1. ian says:

    Delighted by this news danceaway.

  2. danceaway says:

    It is so sad to see the infighting, even amongst the ‘no virus’ people, isn’t it? But the discrediting of Dr Wagh seems a most determined onslaught, and there must be a reason.

    With this mRNA my mind always goes back to wondering about the legitimacy of Dr Malone ( who says he invented it ). I find it very difficult to trust him and his huge presence on the ‘alternative’ stage all of a sudden, for one cannot forget the claims about ‘controlling the opposition’.

    It also saddens me that James Corbett is considered by many controlled opposition; I have seen this assertion on a number of occasions over a considerable period of time. I honestly don’t know. I don’t follow him a great deal, but would love to find out he is legit, because he seems a decent fellow, working on his own ( or so it seems ) with no apparent reason to lead people astray. However some considerable time ago I remember reading that a person had contacted him about his views on 9/11 and was given the brush off. That wa my first hint that he might not be who he seems.

    • ian says:

      It will be far easier for TPTB to falsely discredit someone, than it is to fallow their every move and attack their posts one by one.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes danceaway I have the same problem with James. He has done some great work, some really excellent work that opened my eyes. But….

      He seems to avoid talking about the tribe to any significant extent. Maybe because he relies on subscriptions to live and knows his audience

      And he certainly isn’t kosher, so to speak, on 9/11. He did a great 9/11 short but he won’t get into the meat, no planes, loads of fake images on tv. Virtually all the tv images were false, including the towers “collapse” from the top down. Building 7 from the bottom maybe real but that got no significant coverage on the day. Most folk were hooked by that time

      I got lucky, I was gardening all day and oblivious! Only found out when I turned on the 10pm news that evening. I called it out the next day. Fell out over it with my best mate who was living in US at that time. I didn’t swallow it at all. Cui bono did the trick for me. Plus the fact that Osama Bin Lid was fingered IMMEDIATELY which was very, very, suspicious