You want gas? Drop the sanctions and the oil price cap. Video from Gazprom.

You want gas?  It’s a switch turn away on Gazprom’s control panel.  The shortage is caused by the EU’s sanctions cutting off the citizens of Europe – all 400 million of them.

Just to save the face a of a few Eurocrats, many could die of cold this winter.  Of course the media is blaming Putin only.

Video greeting from Gasprom to the EU, Euro Comission, Borrell…   Yes, Borrell …I think that Russians will not forget his last words about Russia. The head of foreign affairs of the EU named our country ‘the fascist country’.  Sent by Igori Ilyn in Moscow.

TAP – the word Fascist is deeply insulting to a Russian.  It’s the word used by the Russians for the Germans who invaded Russia in 1941 and killed 28 million people.  Borrell clearly doesn’t want the gas to flow again.


6 Responses to “You want gas? Drop the sanctions and the oil price cap. Video from Gazprom.”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    I wish I knew who was singing in the video, what a beautiful voice.

    • Tapestry says:

      I’ve emailed Igori in case he knows, Nixon. Hauntingly beautiful. As if a reply that the Europeans are the lowest beings on the planet and Russians are greatly more cultured – which appears to be true in the current confrontation. Behind the Europeans are of course the Satanists and the bankers who control their politicians…Soros, Rothschild and so on. The torturing of prisoners and shelling of civilian populations is all being done by NATO – by us. We are even trying to blow up a nuclear power station at Energodar. How do we look to the rest of the world? Fascists? Satanists? Agents of the Devil? All three. The music in Russia is light years ahead of the West where there is nothing beautiful to hear – there is no beauty or passion in our media. All is ugly and degenerate – by design, no doubt. Tune in to Russia and have your heart lifted. Gazprom even an oil corporation is capable of appreciating that life is beautiful. That would never be seen or heard of in the West, where life and true feelings are crushed.

      • nixon scraypes says:

        Ugly and degenerate by design…of the Frankfurt School. How successful they were.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Except in Russia where music like Shaman or the song from Donbass are truly uplifting. Even the Russian national anthem has quality above dirges like God Save The Queen.

    • Gordon says:

      I regularly go around singing the Russian anthem, (well, the best I can) and thank God for blessing Russia, Mr Putin and Mr Lavrov by whom if it wasn’t for we wouldn’t be here today.

      The English and Scottish anthems, enough said. However, I do like the Welsh and Irish anthems and sing their refrains’ when they score a try on the rugby field.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Indeed Gordon the Celtic nations are culturally less polluted by British i.e. bankers culture. The poor English have no national identity to sing about. This is being addressed by the English Democrats.