3 Responses to “Censorship Extremes in Germany – “It’s Looking Pretty Ugly” – UKColumn News”

  1. newensign says:

    He’s talking as though Germany itself is responsible Danecaway – making out it was those evil Germans again! Doesn’t he know its the proxies of the Allies pretending to be the Lawful German Government! As to attacking the Telegraph over its fake news item of bayoneting Belgian babies. I don’t blame them for attacking the Telegraph! This is all part of an agenda to place the ills of the EU on “Germany rearing its ugly head again” Just like everything bad is NAZI which = Germany!

  2. danceaway says:

    Thank you once again for continuing to share your amazing store of knowledge and information, newensign.
    I think it would be well received if you were to email UKColumn and share some of it with them. Mark Anderson is based in the US, but like everyone in the alt media wants to do the best job possible understanding events. I really would encourage you to contact them; I think they would be most grateful for any help. That is how Alex Thomson began working with them and sharing his experience and understanding.

  3. newensign says:

    Thank you Danceaway for your amazing output too, from which I have learnt a lot. I have met and spoken to Brian Garrish, at meetings in London and Brighton, some years back and then later by e-mail. The subject of Germany did come up. The reply was that a lady that funds them is of a view that Germany is the root of our woes! that was a red flag for me. Later in e-mail correspondence Brian accused me of rewriting the Bible when I pointed out that certain words had been mistranslated, which were verifiable in Strong’s concordance. So they won’t be too enamoured with me. This is certainly not to discredit the UK Column they have done an excellent job in exposing the Covid scam. I certainly don’t want to up set the boat, which is just what the enemy wants. There has been so much information coming through, its been difficult to keep up with it! I have also been tied up with an editorial on the Queen’s funeral, which requires a bit of research.