A Ukrainian Offensive against Donesk agglomeration to begin night of 14 September?

Itapirkanmaa215 minutes ago
By @rybar: The Ukrainian command continues to prepare for a counteroffensive against the settlements of the Donetsk agglomeration. The preliminary start date is September 14 at night.
▪️ The command was given to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be ready to start the assault on the positions of the allied forces in the direction of Pesok and Marinka. Ukrainian artillery and MLRS intensified shelling of positions in these settlements and on the western outskirts of Donetsk.
▪️ A wagon train with military equipment and personnel arrived at the railway station in Pokrovsk for an offensive in the Donetsk direction.
▪️ To reinforce the units of the 79th brigade, several mortar crews were sent to the Maryinsky sector, and servicemen of the 42nd battalion of the 57th brigade arrived in the Pesok direction.
▪️ Artillery of the allied forces is conducting massive fire on Ukrainian positions in Kurdyumovka and Mayorsk, because of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered losses and withdrew troops to reserve positions.
▪️ The enemy, with the forces of about 50 people, with the support of light armored vehicles, attempted a counterattack on the lost strongholds in the western part of the Donetsk airport from the Experimental [?] side. However, the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine came under heavy artillery and mortar fire from the “Somalia” battalion of the NM of the DPR and were forced to retreat with losses to their original positions.
▪️ On September 9-10, about 2,000 servicemen from the 53rd and 110th OMBs were sent to the Ugledar sector of the front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Strengthening is connected with the planned counteroffensive in the direction of Nikolsky in the coming days. As part of the preparations for the formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, positions are being set up at civilian infrastructure facilities in Vugledar, and engineering and sapper troops continue to clear the area. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use multiple numerical superiority in order to hide the real target of the strike and thus disperse the reserves of allied forces to defend false attack sites.