NATO leverages Nord Stream crisis. UK, remote control sabotage. EU sanctions Dugin. Update 1

Alex suggests that NATO may use the Nord Stream incident  ( remote control )to lay the groundwork for justifying moving into Ukraine. They are constructing a narrative that it was an attack on Nato civilian infrastructure ( by Russia – a Kangaroo Court investigation will decide this ) and therefore they must move into protect the pipelines that run through Ukraine; could be their answer to the partial mobilisation. The narrative has not quite got going yet; MSM is waiting for their instructions? The whole area of the Baltic Sea is monitored and controlled; it is surrounded by Nato countries and like a Nato lake. Not long ago Estonia was suggesting banning Russia from using it.

18 new Himars being sent, which means they are already there.

Desperately trying to frighten the Russians who  might be the age for mobilisation.

Articles in The Telegraph are beyond rediculous and made up. Alex calls the Telegraph a rag.