3 Responses to “Very latest real news! Dr disrupts AMA meeting – “STOP KILLING PEOPLE WITH VACCINE””

  1. newensign says:

    Thanks for this good news from Australia Weaver, let’s hope this video goes viral there and elsewhere.
    I also today received good news from a friend in Sweden that the Austrian Doctor promoting compulsory vaccine there died suddenly in suspicious circumstances as follows:
    “Here is a translation of an article from Nordfront.

    AUSTRIA – A media doctor in Austria has committed suicide following criticism. The doctor was known for advocating forcible marriage and draconian restrictions.

    Lisa-Maria Kellermayr was a general practitioner who made a name for herself in the Austrian media during the Corona pandemic. She is said to have been a strong advocate of vaccine compulsion and harsh restrictions for all Austrians.

    Because of this, she has faced massive criticism from people on social media, according to Dagens Nyheter it even includes death threats.

    Last Friday, Kellermayr was found dead inside her old doctor’s office, which she closed again a month earlier. Police suspect she committed suicide. The discovery is said to have aroused strong reactions in the country.

    The doctor has previously said that Austrian police authorities had not taken the threats against her seriously. According to media reports, Kellermayr has written a letter of resignation, in which she reiterates this.

    In January this year, Austria’s parliament passed a law requiring all citizens to take one of the vaccines against Covid-19. The law was described as tyrannical and was met with demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of people across the country. The government had to backtrack on the vaccine law back in March.”

    • ian says:

      Thanks Weaver and newensign. Good to see the Aus Doc getting stuck in. Not so much the Austrian lady. It looks to me like she swallowed the official story hook line and sinker, and it all backfired. Another vaccine casualty really.

  2. Weaver says:

    Let us all hope that finally the pressure from people exposing the truth is reaching a critical mass and turning opinion to expose the truth. Thank you for your good news too.