Bentley squares up to Lancaster

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4 Responses to “Bentley squares up to Lancaster”

  1. Snigger says:

    Well…. we can see USA has already made its way into the Donbass. We have Patrick Lancaster (that I personally think produces good reports) and encourages people to check out the ‘other side’ of things.

    Russell Bentley (USA) – quoted as above ‘goddamned Pat Lancaster, Boy Wonder and Internet Star’ – ‘this back-stabbing motherfucker’ – ‘because our “criticism of him had made it ‘almost impossible for him to work in Donbass, people had refused to give him interviews, laughed at him, were not taking his work seriously’ – ‘ I have never taken a single fucking penny’ – ‘contact any of those orgs and ask THEM if I ever took shit’ – ‘lying, back-stabbing piece of shit’- ‘he IS a piece of shit’ – ‘you can be a piece of shit’ – ‘ just because you do good work doesn’t mean you’re not a piece of shit. And Pat’s a piece of shit’ – ‘where the fuck does Pat get off’ – ‘Why isn’t this motherfucker in the Army?’ – ‘ Shit, fuck, shit, fuck, motherfucker, shit fuck (great communication skills). Russell might as well thrown is a few cunts and twats etc.

    Snigger, as they say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

    Show me your words and I can tell who you are and a lot more….

    Snigger, Graham Phillips ‘appears’ to be slightly smiling, enjoying being in front of the camera and also excited by everything rather than the seriousness of the situation.

  2. ian says:

    I wish this guy would stop mincing his words and just say what he thinks lol. I have never knowingly encountered Graham Phillips, but Patrick Lancaster seems or seemed to be OK. One or two things bothered me on his reports, but it doesn’t get mentioned here. It seemed so surreal to me, that he could film a dead child laying covered by a sheet, then interview family members. Could you talk to press while your recently killed child lay beside you? I may be completely wrong, but it sometimes appeared to me as being staged. The Russian troops however seemed to like him, so is just a Russian propaganda tool. We can’t or at least I can’t be sure.

  3. Snigger says:

    I agree with you Ian. Patrick Lancaster is definitely in with the Russian army without doubt but he is also showing what has gone on in Donbass long before all this took place if you go back through his videos to 2014. As for the parents and the dead child, things are different in poorer economies, in Africa they fire out as many kids as possible because they are their pension that will look after them when they’re old. Donbass is obviously poor and all ranges of ages have been under attack by the neo-nazi’s, shelling etc. We have rich economies where the children rely on bank of mum and dad in most cases….. blah blah.. blah