Leaked Videos: Virgin Australia Bring in “Experts” to Drum In “Vaccines are Safe and Effective” After Airline Staff Raise Safety Concerns

In recent months there has been an increased concern about Covid injections amongst Virgin Australia staff, for example, the effects on fertility and pregnancy. So, at the end of last month, Virgin Australia invited “medical specialists” to “reassure” staff that the “vaccines” were completely safe for all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

CEO Jayne Hrdlicka invited several doctors to present information and to answer any questions staff may have.  The online presentations were streamed live on a Facebook group as well as on the company’s intranet used by employees.  All Virgin Australia staff were invited to attend. Virgin titled the series of presentations, to convince staff that “vaccines” are safe and effective, ‘The Covid Information Series’.

Included in Virgin’s Covid Information Series were presentations made by Dr. Nick Coatsworth, Dr. Anthony Byrne, Dr. Debra Kennedy and Dr Natalie Gray, copies of which have been leaked to The Exposé by an anonymous source.

The many concerns brought by staff were represented during the question-and-answer segments – particularly in Dr. Natalie Gray’s session. Concerns raised included issues around mRNA technology, AstraZeneca blood clotting deaths, thousands of reported adverse events and a lack of long-term data on fertility concerns. One of the three company doctors was pregnant with her first baby and happily took her shots while pregnant and strongly encouraged others to do so.

The repeated message throughout the presentations was the vaccine is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Below is a clip from Dr. Gray’s session tweeted by Aussie Freedom Flyers in which she told airline staff:

“There have been no additional side effects found in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women. So, the vaccine is safe and effective.  So, my advice would be: please, if you are pregnant or intending to be pregnant, be reassured that it is entirely safe in pregnancy … There is no indication that there is any impact on fertility, either planning to become pregnant now or down the track. We also know that side effects of vaccines only go for about eight weeks.”

Many staff members bought the “safe and effective” narrative and wholeheartedly believed if you weren’t prepared to take the vaccine – then aviation was not the right industry for you.  An ideology famously announced by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce who in August 2021 told ABC’s News Breakfast: “people that are just unwilling to take the vaccine, we think aviation is not the industry for them.”

However, there were several staff who have suffered or knew someone who have suffered adverse reactions to the injections. Dozens of cabin crew were complaining of adverse effects impacting their menstrual cycles. Although Virgin kept the intranet site open for discussion, on the issue of the vaccination policy, Jayne Hrdlicka closed down the comments on the Facebook group due to significant pushback from those watching the presentations live.

Those staff who had researched beyond the “safe and effective” narrative were quickly marginalised and removed from the group. Managers were asked to contact and question staff members who posted anything contrary to the message.

Previously, Virgin has banned any employees who question the narrative from attending any company work areas and systematically terminated their employment.  So, for staff to be prepared to risk their careers by questioning the narrative in such numbers during a webinar indicates how concerned staff are about Virgin’s vaccine policies.

Who are the “Medical Specialists” Virgin Australia Hired?

Dr. Natalie Gray

Dr. Gray is the Medical Director of Australasian Health Consulting. According to Dr. Gray’s LinkedIn profile, Australasian Health Consulting is part of International SOS.

International SOS see itself as a trusted advisor to organisations so that the organisation can “protect” the health, safety, security and wellbeing of its employees. “Our purpose is to help keep your people healthy and safe, so you can focus on your core activities … When prevention is not possible, we offer you and your workforce access to our 24/7 Assistance Service,” International SOS states on their website.

In January 2021, International SOS was appointed to support the Australian Government to deliver its nationwide Covid vaccination programme within the aged care and disability sectors. In March 2021, the Department of Foreign Affairs entrusted the company to commence the vaccine roll-out in Papua New Guinea for essential workers. In July 2021, they were engaged to support the vaccination of aged care workers throughout New South Wales. “Today they work with businesses across Australia to prepare to support Australia’s all-important Covid-19 vaccine roll-out,” International SOS announced on 3 August 2021.

It is unlikely anyone who represents International SOS will give an unbiased opinion regarding the safety and efficacy of Covid injections.

Dr. Nick Coatsworth

Dr. Coatsworth held a national role in the Australian response to Covid as Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia, becoming one of the most recognised medical spokespeople during the pandemic. Dr. Coatsworth engaged the Australian community through a variety of media platforms most notably as the spearhead of the national Covid vaccination campaign.  According to his LinkedIn profile, he was Senior Medical Advisor Covid-19 until September 2021. He joined Rabbit & Lion as a Speaker in December 2020 while still employed as an advisor to the Government.  Rabbit & Lion is a team of facilitators who help organisations and their staff “to think, work and communicate with each other better” by running idea workshops, refining media productions, providing speakers and TV hosts, and providing and facilitating training.

It is unlikely anyone representing Rabbit & Lion would give medical advice as their business is to facilitate, in this case, workshops and provide speakers.  If Dr. Coatsworth was present in his personal capacity, as a medical doctor and former advisor to the Australian Government, it is even less likely he would give evidence-based, unbiased medical advice.

Dr. Anthony Byrne

Prof Dr. Anthony Byrne currently works as a Senior Staff Specialist in Thoracic Medicine at St Vincent’s public and private hospitals and is practising as a Respiratory Physician at St Vincent’s Clinic in Sydney and SomaHealth Sleep & Respiratory.

During his presentation, Dr. Byrne said: “So what happens to you if you get Covid?  You definitely do not want to get Covid … You might get lucky, you might just end up with an upper respiratory infection and that’s what we call mild Covid-19.”

As of 19 March 2020, the UK government declared Covid-19 was no longer considered to be a high-consequence infectious disease (HCID). From the beginning, Chief Medical Officer for England (CMO) and Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, Chris Whitty, has said:

  • a significant number of people will not get infected with the virus at all,
  • of those who do get infected, some will do so without even knowing it as they will have no symptoms at all,
  • of those who get symptoms, the great majority, probably 80%, will have a mild disease,
  • an unfortunate minority will have to go as far as hospital.

Below is a clip from the Downing Street coronavirus briefing held on 11 May 2020.

OffGuardian: UK Gov’t confirms Covid19 harmless to VAST MAJORITY of people, 14 May 2020 (3 mins)

In April 2022, Dr. Mike Yeadon published a document titled ‘The Covid Lies’ in which he demonstrated that all of the key Covid narrative points are incorrect. “Given that the sources of these points are scientists, doctors, and public health officials, it is evident that they were not simply mistaken. Instead, they have lied in order to mislead,” he wrote.  Dr. Yeadon documents some of the methods used to instigate fear and dominate the narrative.  Dr.  Byrne’s presentation seems to be another such example.

Other lies Dr. Yeadon exposed were the lethality, that there was no prior immunity and that no one was safe until everyone was safe. “Almost no one who wasn’t close to the end of their lives was at risk of severe outcomes and death,” Dr. Yeadon wrote.

Since writing his document, during an interview with Hearts of Oak at the beginning of this month, Dr, Yeadon has stated: “I realised, over time, I could no longer maintain my understanding of respiratory viruses as I thought I knew them. And then I learned a new bit of information recently, and it collapsedthe possibility that respiratory viruses, as described, exist at all.  They don’t.”

You can watch Dr. Yeadon’s full interview with Hearts of Oak on Rumble HERE.

Dr. Byrne then described “long Covid,” he begins: From the beginning, “I really suspected that this severe respiratory disease was going to cause long-lasting effects.  So we planned to do a study which was set up and we started last year … and we wanted to follow them for twelve months to look at their recovery.”

Last year was the first year of the “vaccine.” The year of the “pandemic” was the year before Dr. Byrne began his study, ‘The Adapt Study’. “It’s ongoing and we’ve recruited near 200 people to the study,” Dr. Byrne said.  Adding that most of the participants of his study are young people who had not been hospitalised for Covid.

Dr. Byrne continued, “what you can see is there’s this condition, that came out on social media first, that these survivors of Covid … it’s called long haul Covid or chronic Covid, and they had these persistent symptoms that were quite debilitating … what we know is about 20% of them still have symptoms at 8 months [after infection].”

In November 2021, a French study was published and found that participants who were laboratory confirmed as having had a Covid infection only suffered persistent anosmia or loss of smell.  And, that persistent physical symptoms 10 to 12 months after the Covid pandemic first wave were associated more with the belief in having experienced Covid-19 infection than with having laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.  The French study consisted of 26,823 randomly selected adults aged 18-69 years.

Could Dr. Byrne’s study be a study of the long-term effects of Covid injections rather than Covid?  And perhaps Dr. Byrne is as uninformed and unaware as the ABC of the real science that provides compelling evidence that vaccinees are not less, but more susceptible to infection.

Dr. Byrne may do well to speak with Dr. Vernon Coleman who said back in March that as some in corporate media were reporting that Covid injections are deadly and it is worth looking hard at the doctors who administered Covid injections. We might add that it may also be worth looking hard at those who promote them either by falsely promoting their benefits or using fear-mongering to justify vaccination. Or perhaps Dr. Byrne should simply read Dr, Coleman’s articles on the “long Covid” fraudor how many have been murdered by Covid vaccination.

Below is a copy of a portion of Dr. Byrne’s presentation to Virgin Australia staff as leaked to The Exposé.

The Covid Information Series: Dr. Anthony Byrne (9 mins)

Dr. Debra Kennedy

Dr. Debra Kennedy trained in paediatrics and clinical genetics and directs the provision of evidence-based genetic services at IVFAustralia.  She also established the MotherSafe which provides a telephonic counselling service for women and their healthcare providers concerned about exposure to drugs, infections and radiation during pregnancy and breastfeeding. “MotherSafe is all about making sure people understand that there are options and to seek advice so they can make informed choices,” Dr. Kennedy said.

In her session of Virgin’s Covid Information Series, Dr. Kennedy began by explaining that “the advice is now that, firstly, that pregnant women are considered to be a priority group to receive vaccination and also that it’s safe and women should receive the vaccine at any stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding.”

“Women planning to conceive or trying to conceive that’s really a perfect time for them to get the vaccination because there’s no evidence it will affect your fertility or chances of getting pregnant … if you’re in early pregnancy or you discover you are pregnant and still have not been vaccinated, then really we would encourage you to have the vaccination whether it’s in the first trimester, second trimester or third trimester of pregnancy,” Dr. Kennedy added.

Since as early as April 2021 we have published articles relating to the dangers of administering Covid injections to pregnant women, birth defects and infertility, you can find them all on our website HERE, HERE and HERE. Below is a sample of our articles:

The question isn’t how we know but, rather, how it is Dr. Kennedy – who through MotherSafe portrays herself to believe in informed choice – doesn’t know.  Below is a video Dr. Kennedy may be interested in viewing.

Epoch TV’s Facts Matter interviewed Dr. James Thorp, a physician MD board-certified in obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as maternal-feotal medicine. Dr. Thorp has practised obstetrics for over 42 years and sees 6,000–7,000 high-risk pregnant patients a year. Dr. Thorp has seen a spike in foetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes after the mass vaccination campaign began.

“We, especially as obstetricians and maternal foetal medicine specialists, have always been guided by that principle … that golden rule of pregnancy, you never ever use an investigational drug, a new substance, a new drug, a new vaccine.  Even, EVEN, if there’s a potential benefit you don’t ever use a new substance in pregnancy. So, we have broken all types of rules.”

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

Spike in Miscarriages, Fetal Deaths, Uterus Shedding: Fertility Doctor on Vaccine Side Effects in Pregnant Women, 1 July 2022 (35 mins)