Vax Murderers

Vax murderers

Doctors, politicians, editors
deserve the death penalty
for conspiring to commit
premeditated genocide

The world government’s current murder for profit/population reduction scheme includes Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media working together to exterminate millions of people — and succeeding.

Instead of interrogating ordinary people about their vaccine passports and punishing them if they’ve been smart enough to avoid the poison jab, I recommend something far more beneficial to the public interest.

Instead of needlessly interrupting the lives of innocent citizens with these senseless and sadistic annoyances, let’s indict all these sinister doctors, perverted politicians, elitist executives and media misanthropes for mass murder. Because the evidence is ironclad.

But unless you turn off your TV, you won’t be able to hear it.

Hear it, understand it, convict them, and then execute them. All of them. Here is the evidence.

1. According to its Nobel Prize winning inventor, Kary Mullis, the PCR test cannot actually identify any specific disease; therefore, this widely used test can’t prove that anyone has actually ever contracted COVID, never mind died from it. Yet millions of people, many of them children and young adults in the prime of life, have been murdered based upon rigged diagnoses which are provably bogus.

2. According to the most principled doctors in the world — namely Cowan, Kaufman and Lanka — the disease known as COVID has never been isolated nor purified, meaning that it doesn’t actually exist, and since all those poor people who have taken the jab and died, it must have been the treatment that killed them, since the disease doesn’t exist and has never existed.

3. The federal Emergency Use Authorization that allowed the government to mandate Remdesivir as a conditional treatment to treat this disease that didn’t exist was dependent on there being no other suitable treatment, which is why authorities fought so hard to ban hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as over-the-counter remedies for this flu disguised as a plague.

Because accepting them as legitimate treatments — which by now has long since happened — would mean Remdesivir was illegally approved because its viable alternatives were systematically suppressed in order to both fatten the profits of the pharmaceutical giants as well as the hospitals and doctors who conspired in this unfathomably despotic deception. This means all those conspirators in this diabolical plan can and should be indicted for conspiracy to commit mass murder, which has been occurring worldwide for more than two years.

4. Consistent with the banning of these over-the-counter remedies which reduced the lethality of whatever flu-like pox they had foisted on the public, the use of Remdesivir at $3200 per dose had proven lethal in previous trials yet wasl

Proof of the evil nature of this plan was evident in the total bonuses to hospitals upwards of $100,000 per cadaver produced by this demonic formula, which has forever stained the medical profession and demolished any confidence the public will ever have in the government that permitted it to happen, and in fact enthusiastically and cynically endorsed it the name of stupendous profits, pervasive corruption and misguided social megalomania.

What Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset has actually done is ruin human society. Its effects on a world governed by madmen are incalculable.

Foremost it has sabotaged future generations both psychologically and physiologically by acts of mutilation against children which can never be forgiven but also will never be adequately assessed for years to come, as children having heart attacks and babies born dead augur a nightmare future that might not even exist at all, once the parameters of the self-induced plague inflicted on our species are fully comprehended, if they ever are.

The horrific specter of inorganic but self-organizing sludge being extracted from the veins of murdered jab victims reveals the depraved mental processes that propelled our most highly paid physicians to contrive such a dastardly fate for their trusting patients, a betrayal that will never be understood by those who still warily try to understand that trusting our fellow human beings may have now sunk beyond realistic possibilities of human behavior. That would be a nightmare from which human beings could never recover.

Yet along with the destruction of the nuclear family and the permanent erasure of individual human autonomy, these seem to be some of the characteristics those megalomaniacs now tinkering with human anatomy seek to expunge from the repertoire of human behavior, an impression you nauseously get from watching that sick freak, the robot Jew Yuval Noah Hariri.

We’re talking about making slaves and eliminating humans, and the process — now that the medical profession has gone over to the dark side — may not be reversible.

A key factor in this darkening nightmare scenario is the accelerating decline of consciousness in the general population. Shredded by years to television and propaganda calculated to erode its faculties, the assembled electorate is no longer able to perceive a difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, or even between Ron DeSantis and Tulsi Gabbard, because both the candidates and the voter are so regimented in a curriculum imposed by Jewish media that very few can any longer envision a reality that nourishes individual freedom. For so long the only options have ever been take the bribe and accept your fate, and to aspire to anything else — like understanding what a truly free society would really be like — is simply way beyond what your local newspaper tells you what will ever be possible.

Did I mention what Freud forgot to tell you? The only thing that counts is what you do for others. What you do for yourself nobody really cares about.

The same thing applies in reverse. Nobody really cares about what you do TO yourself, but you will be forever known for what you have done TO others.

On that score, the most heinous butcher of all time can be none other than the current highest paid employee in the U.S. government, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who quite likely with his lies about his COVID concoction has killed more people that any other single person in history, or will be by the time a few years from now when his spike proteins have finished their diabolical destruction.

But what really makes him the champ of all the vax murderers is that he was likely the champ before the COVID deception ever began.

My friend Bruce McDonald wrote:

Fauci has LITERALLY been getting away with mass murder for DECADES!  This is a segment from a presentation given by Dr. Robert Willner where he accuses Anthony Fauci of genocide. 

Dr. Willner published the evidence to back up his claim in his book “Deadly Deception, The Proof that  SEX and HIV Absolutely DO NOT CAUSE AIDS.”  Dr. Willner even injects himself with the blood of someone known to have the HIV virus to prove his points! 

Dr. Willner exposes the first major criminal fraud perpetrated by Anthony Fauci, the HIV causes AIDS hoax.  Fauci realized he could hijack the newly invented PCR process to manufacture the perception that a pandemic was occurring by simply improperly calling the process “a test” and controlling the number of cycles used in the process.

This total FRAUD that HIV causes AIDS is STILL responsible for killing a never-ending stream of innocent people to this very day.  It’s a fraud that has generated well over half a TRILLION dollars in profits for Big Pharma by KILLING people with the most toxic drugs in existence.

Do I still need to tell you that it is way past time to rise up and destroy the maniacs who are destroying our country and the world, before we are no longer able to attempt such a vitally necessary maneuver?

Among other reasons, it would be the only way to convince the world that we have regained our sanity, which would forestall the necessity of the rest of the world to rise up and destroy the mad dog the United States of America has clearly become, which as we speak, China and Russia are certainly contemplating.

Because if we don’t do it ourselves, eventually someone else surely will.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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10 Responses to “Vax Murderers”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Saddam Hussein. During the trial Hussein’s wife shouted out ‘that is not my husband’. It was a double. There is no film of the actual hanging. In the ‘death’ photographs the neck does not look broken.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Agreed, the “death” video was an obvious fake

      As was the “arrest” video that came before the “trial”. They arrested an actor! Quelle surprise. The actor resembled the “Hitler” Saddam, but wasn’t him. I suppose that he had a few body doubles who could step up if required. Hitler Saddam probably just cut his hair, shaved his beard off, maybe a nip and tuck on his face, then retired to somewhere lavishly comfortable to live out a happy retirement. Just like the original main “Hitler” did ;-))

      [Bet he had body doubles too. Even Bill Gates has body doubles. Scott Creighton on says he saw a limo disgorge 3 Bill Gates one time! Scot is a solid guy]

      It’s all just theatre for rubes. I guess that they figured that most folk wouldn’t view the “death” video thinking it would be too much. But I did and you didn’t actually see him die!

  2. danceaway says:

    This is such a comprehensive article, Thank you Tap. It is good to know that John Kaminski is still putting out such worthy material. I remember some time ago his writing that his family, including his wife, have all abandoned him due to his ‘views’, something which stuck in my mind for some reason. I wonder if they have all been jabbed and are beginning to suffer the consequences.
    Thank you, too, for the coment re Saddam Hussein.
    In a recent interview with Gareth Icke, John O’Looney remarks that he is wondering if these doctors such as those who were pushing these toxic drugs on him in hospital before Mark Sexton managed to get him out ( after a 3 hours standoff), might have signed an NDA of some sort before this all began after being offered a huge carrot, with the penalty being that they would have to pay it all back if they changed their mind. Could they have been trapped? An interesting idea to contemplate.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes, danceaway, but there is nothing new here, what he says is well known and has been understood since 2020. Even so this is a good overview of their historic, unconscionable, crime against humanity

    The magnitude of their crime is still not totally clear, certainly hundreds of thousands of victims, maybe millions worldwide, maybe hundreds of millions. But how to be certain? The perps and their bosses control all the monitoring and data don’t they. So I expect that we will never really know the true answer. The perps are clearly insane and should certainly be brought to book, prosecuted and then sentenced via due process

    But the perps bosses control all the courts too don’t they. Witness the fake Alex Jones trial recently. Totally fake in ALL aspects. How can he be made to pay $50million to actors? There are no real Sandyhook parents, so it’s simply ludicrous. Any trial that is shown live on TV is a fake, period. Live TV in a courtroom is not allowed. There are plenty of other clues too, see Mathis’ recent paper as a lead in

    So how exactly are these demons going to be held accountable? Particularly given that most folk have no idea about the truth of this

    To my mind the only valid way forward is to personally disconnect from all their control systems. Starting with NEVER looking at their TV programmes. They harvest mass emotion with their insidious tv, witness the satanic Birmingham games recently. Also by refusing to pay them any of your hard earned, easier said than done. I’ve done this fr years, I only feed the beast if there is no other alternative. There is a lot more too if you are creative and think a bit

    • ian says:

      Yes pete I agree, we have no laws to deal with this. The perps are above the law.

  4. danceaway says:

    Yes, Pete, I realise there was nothing new in this article, but it was a concise overview, and these are not always easy to find.

    He also raises the Aide/HIV issue with a source to go to, because we are constantly seeing these conflated as one in the alternative media; it is almost a given. It gets tedious pointing out the problems with this and those who have uncovered it. So one comes to ignore it and move on, hoping people will come across the information themselves. But many are not interested in information; the emotional responses preople have been conditioned to by the media are prevalent even in the alternative media. And the advent of videos has accelerated this. I have been reading the Tap since long before videos became so omnipresent, and have noticed a real difference in people’s attention span and willingness to read.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      No danceaway many are not interested in information at all. Postmodernist thinking pollutes most discourse today doesn’t it. Minds have been deliberately degraded to the point where truth is not important, the “correct” narrative is all important, never mind whether it is actually true or not

      This is one of the reasons that the Tap blog is number 1 on my bookmarks. It isn’t polluted with such nonsense, it attracts a range of critical thinkers too who can differ in their opinions but not get het up and fall out about them

      I also agree that short videos have been, and continue to be, a key reason for this ongoing degradation. Talk about mindless pap, I see the stuff that my grandkids sometimes watch on YouTube, and it scares me. I do my best to enlighten them and put them right in a direct and truthful manner. But screens are poison for kids minds. Their brain state alters when gazing at the box. they’re like zombies

      Another major factor is the state education system of course. I was lucky enough to go to a state Grammar School, in the ’60’s, at zero cost to my folks too. I was required to study hard and I was also taught some basic critical thinking. Modern kids aren’t so lucky. Their low standard , conform, conform, conform, education, combined with their poisonous social media, is devastating for them

      There are other causes too, but it’s no wonder that the young snowflake generations are sometimes so lost, they are hamstrung from the start. So much so that they need “safe spaces” in our Universities now. Spaces where the free exchange of ideas is verboten. In a University!

  5. danceaway says:

    It is terrible watching what is being done to youngsters, Pete.

    I am very fortunate in that my grandchildren are home educated, and screen time has always been limited. Also there is no TV in the home; my children also grew up without TV, as did I until I was in my teens, and even then it was unimportant in our lives. We were all about the outdoors as we lived in a mountainous area.

    I was also fortunate to have a year of logic in one of the three secondary schools which I attended due to my father changing jobs. Joh Rappoport has written a logic course for home educated children which I would love to buy for my grandchildren if they would use it.

    There is so much one could talk about, isn’t there? I have a couple of John Gatto’s books about education. Wonderful.

  6. pete fairhurst says:

    This is utter dynamite:

    I saw it here first:

    I’d welcome opinions

    If true it’s a game changer. How could they keep the lid on this?

  7. Tapestry says:

    As for closed minds, NHS employees are the worst. On top of so-called ‘education’ they are paid far more than they could earn elsewhere, and this finally seals their brains. Conform or lose the gold. Vaccines? Of course. But not for them or their families. Not being killed as quickly as the patients is a perk of the job.