Russia, Iran and China preparing both militarily and economically to be independent of US hegemony

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Iran, signed a $40 billion energy cooperation agreement, and pledged to strengthen their economic and military alliance with China.

Moscow and Tehran also called to drop the US dollar and use local currencies for trade.

Just a few Notes from a very comprehensive analysis:

Putin and Tehran agreed that the Construction of Important rail link across Iran is to be expedited – part of International North South Transport Corridor which will shorten transport of goods from current six weeks to three weeks.

Tehran described US as “aggressive and deceitful” and partly responsible for the collapse of the former Soviet Union. The dollar should be removed from global transactions.

Tehran to Erdogan: Do not invade Syria again- ” This  would definitely by harmful to Turkey, harmful to Syria, and harmful to the region and not bring  about the political move Turkey expects from the Syrian government either.”

A fifth Turkish bank has begin accepting Mir cards ( Russian alternative to Visa and MasterCard)

“The world is on the threshold of a new political and economic order.” “We are living in a watershed historical moment.…