Patrick Lancaster’s Team ventures into recently cleared Lysychansk

We have traveled to Lisichansk to show you what the real situation is there.

In this report we talk to residents about the situation now and before.

We were shown by a resident a a civilian sanitation center that was turned into a base by Ukrainian forces.

We also speak to an elderly man that says drunk Ukrainian soldiers shot at him.

Two elderly gentlemen are forthcoming about events both recent and going back to 2014, explaining how Poreshenko did not support the people of Donbas because he was dependent on the nationalists. Both men are shell shocked; one finds it difficult to speak. They describe how the Ukrainian army placed themselves in civilian buildings, and even between houses because they know the Russians will not shoot for fear of harming civilians. One speaks of America and London setting the Ukrainians up for  cannon fodder since the 2000’s. The people of Lysychansk were 99% pro-Russian and voted in the Referendum in 2014.

In the destroyed building are found wooden boxes which held munitions, a few labeled in English. Evidence that they occupied themselves with target practice.