Patrick Lancaster’s Team Examining the Damage to the Strategic Bridge which Ukraine has been bombing

24 Jul 2022

This week Ukraine has purportedly(Russia Forces Claim) fired USA Made HIMARS Rockets on the Antonov Bridge that connects To Kherson & Nikolaiv / Odessa Front.

In this report I am on the bridge showing you the facts and hearing from the current(Russian placed) governor of the Kherson Region.

It should be noted that Ukraine says it was not HMARS but the USA supplied 155 mm Excalibur.

Both were given to Ukraine by the USA. Another note,

This bridge connects Kherson and the Nikolaevo-Odessa direction with the overland route to the Crimea.


One gets a true sense of the vast size of continental rivers; as cars steer their way around the many craters caused by the attack; one can see the layers of construction, and can see through to the water beneath.

The interview demonstrates the calm fortitude of those dealing with the unrelenting attacks, and the pride they have in this structure, which they view almost as work of art, with a constant sense of the historical context; before the bridge was built, ferries were used. The builders are already working on the repairs; the architectural plans are stored in Russia.