France: The Govt Opposes Re-hiring Non-Vaccinated Healthcare Workers

ER Editor: The HAS referred to below is France’s High Authority for Health. The figure of suspended, non-vaccinated healthcare workers in France is typically put at 15,000 but this figure could be far too low. In the UK, Covid vaccination for healthcare workers was thrown out as a compulsory measure because 80,000 (eighty thousand) workers threatened to quit the National Health Service. Both countries have comparable populations according to official stats.

This means that 15,000, plus perhaps thousands of others, are living on fresh air right now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, with some of their basic rights suspended. France has shown itself to be one of the most tyrannical, corrupt western countries over the last two-and-a-bit years. However, people here really need waking up as to the nature of the institutions governing their lives.


Another recent article by France Soir relays the attitude of the French Academy of Medicine, which also refuses the re-hiring of non-vaccinated healthcare workers. You seriously couldn’t make this up:

“There is no argument to scientifically validate the refusal to be vaccinated”

“None of the rehashed arguments (lack of efficacy, adverse effects, lack of hindsight, etc…) can scientifically validate the refusal to be vaccinated, the real medical contraindications to vaccination being very rare”, continues the Academy of Medicine. Finally, “vaccination remains very effective against the different variants and sub-variants to protect against severe forms of Covid-19, it makes it possible to make the recognition of serious Covid-19 as an occupational disease exceptional in vaccinated caregivers“ it notes.

Another argument put forward by the Academy of Medicine: “The reintegration of unvaccinated health professionals within the healthcare team would compromise the climate of trust and the cohesion which must exist between its members and with the patients”. In addition, “it would endanger the fragile patients”.

0.3% of professionals

The Academy therefore expresses “its firm opposition to a reversal” which would concern only 0.3% of hospital professionals, caregivers and non-caregivers, according to a figure attributed to the French Hospital Federation. (ER: Which we seriously doubt.)


Reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers: finally, the government opposes it


“The Academy of Medicine, the Scientific Council and the High Authority for Health have a convergent opinion (…) it is negative” and “we follow the advice of scientists”, announced the Minister of Health.

Stoppage on the return of caregivers not vaccinated against Covid. As the debate gathered momentum, the government decided on Friday that they would not be reinstated, following a negative opinion from the High Authority for Health.

The Academy of Medicine, the Scientific Council and the High Authority for Health have a convergent opinion (…) it is negative” and “we follow the advice of scientists“, announced the Minister of Health François Braun, during a trip to Seine-et-Marne.

They will not be reinstated ,” he later confirmed to CNews.

Shortly before this announcement, the HAS, whose opinions serve as the basis for public health decisions, said it was “in favor of maintaining the obligation to vaccinate against (the) Covid-19” for caregivers.

The opinion of the HAS was all the more awaited since the parliamentarians had decided on Thursday that a possible reinstatement of the caregivers would be automatic as soon as the authority gave its agreement.

An opinion is in line with other recent positions such as that of the Academy of Medicine.

Slightly less clear-cut, the Scientific Council, on the verge of dying out after having guided the government’s policies against Covid for more than two years, said Thursday it was “very reserved” about reinstatement.

Other eminent scientific figures, not very suspicious of complacency towards movements qualified as “anti-vax”, believe, conversely, that it is time to reintegrate unvaccinated caregivers.

This is the case of epidemiologist Antoine Flahault who ruled on Twitter on Wednesday that “the maintenance of the suspension of unvaccinated caregivers (was) no longer scientifically based” in view of the loss of effectiveness of vaccines.



France: The Govt Opposes Re-hiring Non-VVV’d Healthcare Workers