Donetsk to block Google. International corporations should be banned.

Patrick Lancaster
Patrick Lancaster2 hours ago
#Breaking #Ukraine Breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic to Block Google says their leader Denis Pushilin #FreeSpeach?
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Denis Pushilin, leader of Donetsk Peoples Republic.

TAP – It seems that international corporations believe themselves above all the countries and nations of the world.   All of these should be broken up and owned by the governments of each country that they operate within.  Either that or they should barred from operating, as here.  Great start, Denis.  Who else can we get rid of?  Launch your own search engine seems the way to go.



One Response to “Donetsk to block Google. International corporations should be banned.”

  1. Occams says:

    Good. Anyone still using absolute shite like Goolag, Mossadpedia, WhatsAp, etc., should be banished, too.