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Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away – UK PLC Edition

Watching repeats of the Channel 5 reality show where a TV crew follow high court enforcement agents at work prompted me to think about the current UK debt position.

We all understand the concept. You borrow money, buy things or have holidays and somehow you end up not being able to pay the money or interest back. Often this is due to poor borrowing decisions or more commonly now you borrow at a time you can afford the repayments but life happens and your situation changes for the worse. Either way, you’re in debt, can’t pay and start getting hounded. It’s a story many know too well.

The concept of fictional money, illegal agreements, the man never borrowed it; the corporation did no longer matter. You the man are being hounded. Eventually if it goes past the small claims court, the magistrates court and all of that it ends up with a high court writ issued and the big dogs come out to play. Often wearing ill fitting wigs. Thanks to Chrissy Morris for much wig entertainment.

With the writ issued the high court enforcement officers knock on your door and look for payment and if not offered, will look to take possession of goods to offset the debt.

The Microcosm and the Macrocosm

As above so below. As large, so small. As with the small man so with the UK PLC.

Recent borrowings by every government of any colour have bought us to the same position. The UK PLC is now in a position or will be very soon where it can never meet it’s debt obligations. Pondering on that reminded me of a speech by Louis Farrakhan. Although a controversial figure, in his speech on the Rothschilds he absolutely nailed the position the debtor is in with his creditor. They can’t pay so goods of some value must be offered to offset the debt or importantly, influence. Real or fictional debt does not matter as it’s real in the minds of the creditor and their bought and paid for court system. Be it man, government, president or king. The creditor has a hold and something must be offered to offset the debt.

What Assets Will Be Taken?

In the TV show the high court enforcement agents take TVs, cars, computers, watches. You name it. As long as it can be sold at auction for a pittance it can go towards paying off the debt. In the case of the UK PLC, this begs the question. What will the creditor be after?

I believe the current global debt situation has been engineered to create debt slavery and subservience. I believe it’s only a matter of time before the governments tell their people they are bankrupt or some unelected body like the World Economic Forum break the news to the word that they and their accomplices own everything and want payment. They may even own you; or believe they do. Gary Fraughen’s excellent work on the birth certificate and your registration as cattle is well-worth a look.

The main assets of any country are their resources and their people. In the case of the middle east it’s oil. With western countries it could be gold or as is often overlooked, the labors of it’s people.

I think we are at a time where lots of story lines in the movie are coming to a conclusion and the end game is about to be revealed. I don’t think it’s going to be long before the ruling parasites show their hand and tell us what they want to offset the debt. My guess is some kind of total immersion in to the coming global digital control system/global digital prison with the labor of the people and maybe even spiritual energy being taken.

Personally I believe the recently touted embedded microchip can bond with the human nervous system and create an interface that allows soul energy to be drained but that’s another story. I think this has been suggested and predictably programmed through movies such as Lifeforce (1985).

Lifeforce: The Space Vampires

I believe this debt situation is by design, the politicians of most nations are in on it and the pain of our borrowing is about to be revealed and levied on the backs of future generations. Coupled with the surrender of natural assets and as often mentioned, all personal property. All for a debt on money never loaned or ever approved by the people.

If you can put aside any preconception and opinion on Louis Farrakhan and listen without judgement he clearly explains the position and the hold the creditor has. I fear we are going to be issued with demands very soon. Get ready to defend yourself, your assets and your loved ones.

Get ready to say no.

As always, all in my honest opinion and designed to encourage debate.



One Response to “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away – UK PLC Edition”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you for this heads up, John and your astute assessment of the situation.