Can one little girl inspire the world to change?

You ‘see’ a thousand deaths a day and you harden to it, but sometimes one incident like this one can penetrate, and leave you reeling at the horror of it all. The video of the parents caressing her dead body inside the bloodied blanket is an image that scars the mind.

Although we never met, her death will stay with me – and many of us, and symbolise what Britain and the US are doing – murder is the only word. Intentional, deliberate – no excuse – our political leaders and media are the perpetrators and the accomplices. Their silence and censorship are their actions, and their deadened minds are quite content. Not one of the candidates for the Conservative leadership will even admit we are killing civilians by our actions. They intend to murder many more, yet they come on our screens trying to look respectable as they justify foul murder of innocent children at every opportunity. Money and power is all their eyes can see. They have no heart.

The only politician I have met who states that this war must be ended as soon as possible and that the killing of young people is simply wrong is former soldier Robin Tilbrook. How can you politically support anyone else? While we have one politician who realises what is right and what is wrong, he/she should be supported. If we do not, we become accomplices too.

The English Democrats are not alone – Robin Tilbrook and his small party are just a lone voice in the UK, but all over the world there are many other voices we never hear thanks to our media.

We should not be taking sides in this war, but helping bring the war to an end once the Russian people living in Ukraine are made safe and secure.

An🇧🇪 action was held in Belgium in support of the DPR and a special operation in Ukraine

📣Today, on July 12, natives of Russia, the DPR, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Flanders and Wallonia spoke at an event in support of the Republic and hung the flags of the DPR on the bridge of the Urth River. The organizer of the action was the head of the Representative Center in Belgium, political scientist Chris Roman.

❗According to him, all those present support the special military operation:

💬“Ukraine needs a special operation. Without this operation, Ukraine, as a puppet of American officials, threatens Russia, the DPR and the LPR with its very existence. We wish a great Russian victory and an end to Nazism in Ukraine and in the world forever.”

🤝The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere gratitude to our foreign like-minded people for their indifference and support for the people of the Republic.

​ An action was held in Belgium in support of the DPR and a special operation in Ukraine.

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