Are we seeing the first tentative signs of Western retreat? Alexander Mercouris – late 23 July report

British Ministry of Defense appears to be pushing the story of a Ukrainian counter-offensive more than the Ukrainians and even the US. The Ukrainians are preferring to focus on Donbas but feel obligated to appease the British.

Alexander examines the implications, both spoken and unspoken of the concessions and agreements that have been reached, including the Russian military honouring for 120 days the export of grain from Odessa ( signed by Shoigu), Turkey to take on the task of removing some of the mines in the Black Sea placed there by Ukraine, and  inspecting the ships both as they enter and return.

Russian food and fertiliser exports are to be allowed ( sanctions lifted ), and third parties are to be allowed to purchase Russian oil ( insurance to be allowed for the ships ). This is cleverly camouflaged in a 7th Sanctions package which Alexander examines in detail.

Decline in weaponry being supplied by the west.