Alex Christoforou: Nato is a business and needs an enemy; Russia and China designated a “systemic challenge”

Erdogan says “not so fast”. Finland and Sweden must fulfill terms of the agreement.  Actually process will take a year. Erdogan will milk it for all it is worth.

Greece also requesting fighter jets.

NATO will now support any country which agrees to go against Russia and China.

NATO meeting more of trade convention for the MIC than a summit. Keep the tension ratcheted up, Rinse and repeat.

China hits back at NATO’s “maliciously smearing”.

NATO: protecting its “interest, security, values” : what are NATO’s values?.

NATO is a business and needs an enemy; works side by side with MIC; needs a reason for its existence.

Alex thinks it will get NATO – Pacific; nothing North Atantic about it.

All signs point to escalation in the Pacific. Lis Truss all on board with arming Taiwan.  Pretending UK waited too long to arm Ukraine ( started in 2014 building fortifications in Donbass ).

Germany resorting to piracy/theft; seizing assets of Gazprom Germania; Russia will respond asymmetrically .