Ukraine President’s Inner Circle Buying Multi-Million $ Mansions in Switzerland!

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Radio Show June 9, 2022

If Ukraine is winning the war with Russia, then why are key people in President Zelensky’s inner circle buying houses in Switzerland?  Oh, and how are they affording $9 million for those houses?  Is U.S. “foreign aid” being stolen so they can buy multi-million dollar mansions?

Like most countries, Switzerland has land registry records showing who owns a particular property, how much it sold for, and what taxes are paid on it.  Extracts from those land registries can be accessed by the general public.

Among the owners of luxury real estate in the country of banks and alpine meadows, are high-ranking officials from Zelensky’s entourage.

We begin with Dmitry Razumkov, a Ukrainian politician and former Chairman of the Verkhovna (Legislature).

According to land registry extract Mr. Razumkov seems to have bought himself a luxurious home for 8,954,621.00 Swiss Francs, which are about equal to the value of a U.S. Dollar.  His name is at the bottom of the property sale record:

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Next is Oleksandr Danyliuk (Daniljuk) former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine.  His name appears as the buyer of the 9,126,538.00 CHF home shown on the record below:

Next is the record for Lyudmila Denisova, the same ombudsman who was fired because of false reports about the atrocities of the Russian army against children.

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The cost of each home is about 9 million Swiss francs. The franc is currently almost equivalent to the dollar.

They love Ukraine so much that they decided not to live in it.

Not only that, where did these “public servants” come up with about $9 million to get themselves mansions in Switzerland?

Most of these homes were purchased just BEFORE Russia began its Special Military Operation into Ukraine.

Were these homes some sort of Bribe or Payoff to these public officials to get them to sell-out Ukraine by stoking the fires until war broke out?  Were these public officials paid-off by someone to get them to help start a war?

Or worse, did foreign aid to Ukraine get stolen so these people could buy luxurious mansions for themselves, far away from the war they helped start?

Inquiring minds want to know.