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Mrna Deathvax

From Friday’s news cycle through this Juneteenth weekend we can appreciate the painfully obvious more at telegraphed propaganda patterns and how they all reinforce the technocratic One World Government power grab that the planet is currently being subjected to.

As if killing off the old and infirm in order to discharge their pensions and social security while liquidating their accumulated wealth to their indebted and relatively profligate heirs such that all said inherited monies will quickly go straight back to the banksters were not enough, we are now seeing the commencement of the mass sterilization and depopulation phase:

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on Pfizer, Moderna mRNA shots for children as young as 6 months.

First injections are expected next week in the US.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

NEW – Pfizer’s primary mRNA DEATHVAX™ injections “temporarily” impair semen concentration and total motile count among donors.

This substack has incessantly called out PSYOP-19 and the associated DEATHVAX™ as a depopulation and control program. Yesterday, with some prescience given the latest sterilization news, the following article was posted: The conclusion of the research article which the authors had to carefully word in order to get published…

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The Center for Disease Crimes is a vital node along with the NIH, WHO, UN, CIA et al. in the dissemination of the mass hypnosis hypochondria formation program, and they are now doubling down in their appeals to the Death Cultist parents to sacrifice their offspring at the alter of BigState and BigPharma.

Meanwhile, the senile adult diaper soiling ice cream eating pedo puppet is parroting his handlers’ orders; to wit:

Biden admin announces the release of another 45 million barrels of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Reserves now drained to a 35-year-low.

What the headline does not mention, conveniently, is that around 50% of said 45m barrels were shipped off to the EU a la hundreds of billions in Ukraine “aid”, more at funds that will be money laundered by the politicians and CIA back in Washington, D.C.

And speaking of the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. the federal government that is illegitimate and as such criminal, thus acting as a foreign invader is ramping up its full spectrum soft war against We the People. To drain the SPR to current levels is crucial exacerbating PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22; thus, by September when prices at the pump are in excess of $10 a gallon there will be fantastical excuses with not a single barrel to release from the SPR. It does not get anymore obvious than this.

As pensions for the DEATHVAX™ survivors and un-death-injected careen toward total insolvency, and biflation rages on, by wintertime expect the “Biden” administration to resort to announcements along these lines:

Take an extra day off to grow food, Sri Lanka tells civil servants as it struggles with its worst financial crisis in decades.

The WHO-pox scam must be pushed until another “pandemic” is manufactured ahead of the midterm elections in PSYOP-22:

WHO will convene an emergency committee next week to determine whether the #monkeypox outbreak represents a health emergency of international concern.

The innumerable GMH posthuman social credit score warnings of this substack are daily being vindicated; to wit:

NEW – China uses its vast COVID surveillance infrastructure to stifle protests by turning people’s health QR codes red.


To use QR codes of any kind on your smartphone is quite literally suicidal.

Meanwhile, in the NAZI 2.0 nation of Canada, the WEF’s errand boy continues is intensifying the biofascism ruse:

Canada declares “fully vaccinated” now means 3 injections, stating “two doses don’t work anymore.”

The central banks have always colluded with each other, and their policies have always been inextricably centrally coordinated by the singular Cult-run central bank of banks known as the BIS (which in yet another non-coincidence was founded by the NAZI. 1.0 party):

Bank of England raises interest rates by 25 basis points to 1.25%, the highest level in 13 years.

Inflation in the country heads to 10%, a 40-year high.

The BoE is pivoting off of The Fed’s “policy decision” to take down America’s financial system with their rate hikes en route to the final global financial system “market” crash that will make 2008 look like a pleasant Disneyland outing.

PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH-22 lines up perfectly with the forthcoming PSYOP-22 which consolidates PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22 as well as PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE-23 lockdowns, etc.

And since the waning PSYOP-19 was also always a globally coordinated depopulation and control program that was in no small part hatched by the central banks and their big bank owners, the NAZI 1.0 nation of Germany is diligently maintaining the COVID fear levels in perfect coordination with the Canadian mandates as well as radical leftist cities like NYC which is now on COVID alert level 4 despite an extremely high DEATHVAX™ uptake, or precisely because of the injection compliance rate; to wit:

JUST IN – Germany is considering making masks compulsory in the country from October to Easter each year, WELT reports.

Each. Year. As in forever and ever. Or why 2 weeks to flatten the curse is a lifetime of posthuman slavery. Perpetual normalization of techo-tyranny for the 4th Industrial Revolution scheme.

And it would not be a globally synchronized power grab if Putin were not playing his part too. Not only is Russia set to institute a compulsory nation-wide SPUTNIK V DEATHVAX™ mandate, but she also continues to drive the global PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22 pain via energy restrictions en route to a global financial crash to end all crashes:

Russia’s Gazprom suspends a second compressor of the Nord Stream pipeline, reducing natural gas flows to Germany by 60% to only 67 million cubic meters per day.

Russian natural gas flows to France via pipeline from Germany have ceased, according to the gas transport operator GRTGas.

Russia’s Gazprom will reduce gas supply to Italy by 50 percent today, says the energy company Eni.

When the dementia corpse puppet’s neural link is not malfunctioning such that he simply tips over on his bicycle like a blinkering transmission signal dropping out, he stirs to life long enough thanks to his cocktail of meds and reactivating neural implants to feebly push the eugenics agenda for all children and toddlers predicated on fraudulent Pfizer data that the captured and criminal FDA “approved”:

FDA authorizes mRNA injections against COVID for “emergency use” in the youngest children under 5.

Biden calls the approval a “huge relief”.


Just like the Federal Reserve “bank” is neither federal, nor has any reserves, the FDA is neither federal nor has any constitutional legality to approve or disapprove any substance(s) that a person deems worth ingesting. If one wants to drink Drain-0 let them, just like if one decided to subject themselves to an experimental gene therapy. There is no constitutional framework for the federal government and its non-governmental agencies like the FDA, CDC, et al. to interfere in the bodily decisions of free human beings. Or why “my body my choice” is only valid when satisfying the Death Cult agenda.

Foreshadowing PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE-23 lockdowns and social credit score individual carbon impact monitoring levels, the WEF nation of France with its Rothschild bank embedded puppet in Macron is now getting a jumpstart on normalizing climate lockdowns:

France has started to ban outdoor events due to heat.


And right on cue Germany falls in line with France:

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Habeck (Green Party) urges German citizens to save energy, wants to enforce energy-saving measures by law “if necessary.”

Habeck added “we can’t go into winter with a 56 percent natural gas storage level. They have to be full.”

The American Nuclear Society comments: “Germany’s energy crisis is self-inflicted. #Energiewende is an environmental disaster.”

With “Biden” busily shutting down America’s energy infrastructure with Green New Deal scam policies while blaming Trump, “domestic terrorists” and the very oil companies that his criminal party desperately needs ahead of the elections, the EU is also diligently working away at decimating their energy and food infrastructures. All the EU is missing to date are 97 “mysterious” food production plant cases of sabotage.

Just like PSYOP-19 was a globally coordinated scheme, so too are these energy “policies”. Meanwhile, China and India are polluting away while skirting all of the other Western virtue signaling suicide policies.

After all, does the world really need all that energy when 80% of the planet will soon be depopulated?

Thanks to the BLM “holiday”, this upcoming shortened week should bring even grimmer news cycles.




Do NOT comply.


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    Sadder still, most parents STILL haven’t figured this out…..

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    me…Every day when I see parents STILL masking their kids