The Revolt of Italian Generals: “It’s Not Our War, Let’s Say No to the USA”

ER Editor: Sidebar – the whole Ukraine situation has certainly made many people aware over here of just who is pulling the strings over Europe, a vassal state to the Washington-led western Deep State.


This video, also put out by the French site Profession Gendarme, has an appeal from Capitaine Alexandre Juving-Brunet, former French Gendarme (part police, part military) to stop pushing France into a war against Russia, especially because of the risk of nuclear war and because Russia is no small enemy militarily speaking. He’s also calling for stopping the propaganda war, turning Russia into the enemy of France on the TV news programs (it isn’t and despite the propaganda, there has historically been a fair degree of connectivity between high profile French politicians and their Russian counterparts.)

The writer of the introduction to the following report is Ronald Guillaumont, a retired gendarme.

The basis of the argument below is that neither Ukraine nor Russia are part of NATO. Therefore, it’s not ‘our war’. Which highlights the motivation for those who wanted Ukraine to quickly become a member of the EU (which is, of course, not identical to NATO but is close enough). Bless Austria for pulling the plug on that.


The revolt of Italian generals: “it’s not our war, let’s say NO to the USA”

General Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force

Voices are rising in Italy to denounce the arsonists and call for peace.

We obviously think here of the statements of the opportunist Bruno Le Maire or of Macron, who is pouring considerable means (weapons, money, men, etc.) onto the battlefield, WITHOUT CONSULTING THE PEOPLE, thereby demonstrating that he is anything but a peace officer.

Which Frenchman, from Brittany, Auvergne or Corsica has a personal problem with the Russians to the point of wanting France to go to war against this country?

Pacifists from all walks of life need to get along and not wait passively like rabbits caught in the headlights of a car.

Russia is a sovereign state and above all a NUCLEAR power: this war is not ours.

Summary of the positions of three speakers in the debate:

General Leonardo Tricarico (photo), former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force and current President of the ICSA Foundation, says about the Ukrainian conflict:

Neutrality? I completely agree. And I believe that before we carry out threats from both sides to escalate the conflict in NATOwe must ensure that this conflict ends. And from this point of view, I do not see the commitment of anyone, on the contrary I see a whole series of arsonists who do the exact opposite”.

He adds: “First of all, our country should do everything, and I don’t see it doing it, for the conflict to end. When I say do everything, I mean to agree with the other European countries, in particular France and Germany, on a common position vis-à-vis the warmongering countries led by the United States, so that they stop, so that they promote a truce and negotiations, even at the risk of disrupting relations with the United States.


“It is a conflict that we must try to stay away from for as long as possible,” says Marco Bertolini, a retired general in the Italian army and now head of the defense department of the Fratelli d’Italia (ER: political party on the right):

The war began with the intervention of Russia, which does not belong to NATO, in Ukraine, which does not belong to NATO: it is a confrontation between two European countries which do not have anything to do with NATO and anything to do with Italy. I don’t think we can discuss neutrality or anything else.”

Professor Alessandro Orsini (pilloried for questioning NATO’s responsibilities in the Ukrainian crisis). Orsini, director of the Observatory for International Security at Luiss Universitysays Italy should remain neutral unless Russia strikes a NATO country.

General Tricarico continues: 

“And when Article 5 of the Atlantic Treaty is triggered, whereby Atlantic solidarity is activated, then it will be possible to discuss sticking to the founding concepts of NATO, which state that everything is voluntary, and then Italy will be able to say whether it wants to show solidarity or remain on the sidelines”  concludes General Tricarico – “and it will be able to do so after a broad debate at the level of public and institutional opinion. It’s not an easy decision to make instinctively.”

General Marco Bertolini:

“But,” adds the retired general, “so far Russia has not met with any NATO country, because Ukraine is not a member of the alliance, and even the hint of such a possibility only aggravates the spirits and reduces the chances of reconciliation, which I consider essential. I repeat: essential.”

As for the question of knowing if the war in progress these last months is a just or unjust war, the reasoning of General Bertolini is without appeal:

“In the Catholic sphere, there has always been a debate about whether war is just or not. Many theologians have discussed it, St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, saying what are the criteria for a just or unjust war” recalls the general who commanded the special forces. I believe that for a war to be considered just, it must first be “our” war. And this one is not.”

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The Revolt of Italian Generals: “It’s Not Our War, Let’s Say No to the USA”


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  1. Mick says:

    France sucked up to America just a few years ago when it refused to hand over to Russia those three naval vessels for moving helicopters around. Then it had the nerve to bitch when America insisted Australia tear up its contract to have submarines built by France and instead buy them from the US and UK. They all break agreements and deserve no sympathy from straight-dealing people.