Kissinger wants Ukraine conflict wrapped up before hot war between Russia and NATO breaks out, and globalist power structures disintegrate.

He says there are two months left before the war spirals upwards towards a WW3.  The globalists are worried about the Mid terms in November, and are wanting a  cease-fire as Russia is doing so well.  They want an off ramp from this conflict.

Meantime Russians are becoming more determined to see the war through.  Medvedev ridicules the Italian peace proposals.  Russia will not permit Ukraine to join the EU.  The Minsk agreements were broken by Ukraine and there is no going back to those agreements.  Ukraine doesn’t want to negotiate, receiving money and weapons from the West.  The future will be based on the completion of the Special Military Operation by Russia.

Turkey (Erdogan) lashes out – Mitsodakis does not exist for me, after he tried to block Turkey from getting F16s.