Are You Aware Hitler’s Buddy Was Klaus Schwab’s Dad, Eugen Who’s Name Is Found In The Word Eugenics??


EUGEN W. SCHWAB WAS A NUCLEAR-HAWKING RAVENSBURG CITY FATHER Klaus’ father, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab, was the managing director of Escher-Wyss & Co. in 1938 when Klaus was born in Ravensburg, Germany, and continued with the company as President Emeritus until his death in 1982.
Super race?
Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party ascribed to the concept of the “Master Race“. This ideology held that the Aryan Races, people of Northern European descent, represented a superior and “pure race“. An ideal member of the Master Race was referred to as an “Übermensch”, or literally, a “Super Man”.
So let me guess this straight… Schwab’s dad was Hitler’s buddy, and the vaxx alters genetic material of humanity, and they want to turn the rest of us into PATENTED human/alien/monkey hybrids??

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Historical disinformationists and “launderers” have, for generations, tried to tie the roots of fascism to German based occultism. What they are hiding is the real basis for fascism in the American religious movement, a Christian heresy known as Dispensationism.

    The long trail of “bible thumping” frauds that dominate American religious life began with Cyrus Ignerson Scofield, the creator of the Scofield Reference Bible, a hodgepodge of grotesque heresies based on fabricated biblical prophesy.

    Up to 100 million Americans follow the teachings of Scofield, including almost all Republican members of congress and almost all leaders of the American military.

    Thus, up to 100 million American “conservatives,” voting as a bloc, follow a centralized “party line” with little or no reason or discernment.

    Those that don’t are most often members of the radical Catholic sect, Opus Dei, which dominated the CIA and Department of Justice.

    All are deeply rooted in the tenets of fascism. When German fascism under Hitler was described as a “death cult,” it is the American roots of German fascism that are being hidden and their relationship with “end times” prophesies of Scofield and the Dispensationalists and their related obsession with eugenics. Americans states, starting in the late 19th century, began writing eugenics theories into law, empowering state governments to sterilize Jews, “mentally unfit” or “others” at will, based on theories generously funded by the robber barons.

    These racial and ethnic “theorists” continue to this day supporting an agenda of anti-immigration, racial separation and suppression of individual freedoms. Recent moves in the US congress have been made to outlaw interracial marriages and put special constraints on voting by “undesirable” minorities.

    It was the American eugenics movement that was transplanted by the Rothschild partnered Harriman/Bush banking family to Germany when that nation, in 1933, adopted the eugenics law of the State of Virginia as its own.

    Hitler’s racial policies were American, written in America and financed by powerful American backers.

    Along with eugenics laws, Hitler’s Germany also received financing to rebuild their military as well, a generous stream of cash from financial groups directly tied to the US Federal Reserve and their parent banks under the Bank of England and Rothschild family.

    This should raise some obvious questions which we will not address here.

    What we saw in Nazi Germany, the weaponization of the ignorant masses, not just in Germany but later through the Waffen SS, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Norway, Holland and others, was the weaponization of “Christian Nationalism,” rooted in occult fantasies and racial hatred and continually “repackaged” as “pro-family” or “anti-crime.”

    With incredible consistency, Christian Nationalism, a euphemism for fascism, has represented a marriage between militarism and totalitarianism.

  2. Ulrich says:

    1. Jews are the robber barons. There is ample evidence to prove this fact.
    2. National Socialism is NOT Facism,
    3. The SS was the worlds first and only truly multicultural fighting force so where is the racial hatred???

    • sovereigntea says:

      See references to the hidden top layer of control “them”.

      “The Red Symphony” is a 1938 Stalinist Secret Police (NKVD) interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, a Soviet insider diplomat & mason seen here with fellow Jew and Rothschild agent, Leon Trotsky. The text is online or in Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich.


      Gavriil G. Kus’min. In accordance with our agreement at the Lubianka, I had appealed for a last chance for you; your presence in this house indicates that I had succeeded in this. Let us see if you will not deceive us.

      Christian G. Rakovsky. I do not wish and shall not do that.

      G. – But first of all: a well-meant warning. Now we are concerned with the real truth. Not the “official” truth, that which is to figure at the trial in the light of the confessions of the accused … This is something which, as you know, is fully subject to practical considerations, or “considerations of State” as they would say in the West.

      R. – The absurd and the miraculous become mixed as the result of a lack of culture. Listen to me. I have already admitted the defeat of the opposition. “They” saw in the end that Stalin cannot be overthrown by a coup d’etat and their historical experience suggested to them the decision of a repetition (repris) with Stalin of that which had been done with the Tsar. There was here one difficulty, which seemed to us insuperable. In the whole of Europe there was not a single aggressor-State. Not one of them was geographically well placed and had an army sufficient for an attack on Russia. If there was no such country, then “They” had to create it. Only Germany had the corresponding population and positions suitable for an attack on the USSR, and it was capable of defeating Stalin; you can understand that the Weimar republic had not been invented as an aggressor either politically or economically; on the contrary, it was suited to an invasion. On the horizon of a hungry Germany there sparkled the meteor of Hitler. A pair of penetrating eyes fixed their attention on it. The world was the witness to his lightning rise. I shall not say that all of it was the work of our hands, no. His rise, uninterruptedly increasing in extent, took place as the result of the Revolutionary-Communist economy of Versailles. Versailles had had in mind not the creation of preconditions for the triumph of

      {p. 36} Hitler, but for the proletarization of Germany, for unemployment and hunger, as the result of which there should have triumphed the Communist revolution. But insofar as, thanks to the existence of Stalin at the head of the USSR and the International, the latter did not succeed, and as a result of an unwillingness to give up Germany to bonapartism, these preconditions were somewhat abated in the Davis and Young Plans, in expectation that meanwhile the opposition would come to power in Russia …, but that, too, did not happen; but the existence of revolutionary preconditions had to produce its results. The economic predetermination of Germany would have forced the proletariat into revolutionary actions. Through the fault of Stalin the Social-International revolution had to be held up and the German proletariat sought inclusion in the National-Socialist revolution. This was dialectical, but given all the preconditions and according to common sense the National-Socialist revolution could never have triumphed there. That was not yet all. It was necessary that the Trotzkyists and Socialists should divide the masses with an already awakened and whole class consciousness – in accordance with instructions. With this business we concerned ourselves. But even more was needed: In 1929, when the National-Socialist Party began to experience a crisis of growth and it had insufficient financial recources, “They” sent their ambassador there. I even know his name: it was one of the Warburgs. In direct negotiations with Hitler they agreed as to the financing of the National-Socialist Party, and the latter received in a couple of years millions of Dollars, sent to it from Wall Street, and millions of Marks from German financiers through Schacht; the upkeep of the S.A. and S.S. and also the financing of the elections which took place, which gave Hitler power, are done on the Dollars and Marks sent by “Them.”

      G. – Those who, according to you, want to achieve full Communism, arm Hitler, who swears that he will uproot the first Communist nation. This, if one is to believe you, is something very logical for the financiers.

      R. – You again forget the Stalinist bonapartism. Remember that against Napoleon, the strangler of the French revolution, who stole its strength, there stood the objective revolutionaries – Louis XVIII, Wellington, Metternich and right up to the Tsar-Autocrat … This is 22 carat, according to the strict Stalinist doctrine. You must know by heart his theses about colonies with regard to imperialistic countries. Yes, according to him the Kings of Afghanistan and Egypt are objectively Communists owing to their struggle against His Britannic Majesty; why cannot Hitler be objectively Communist since he is fighting against the autocratic “Tsar Koba I”? (Meaning Stalin – Transl.) After all there is Hitler with his growing military power, and he already extends the boundaries of the Third Reich, and in future will do more … to such an extent as to have enough strength and possibilities to attack and fully destroy Stalin … Do you not observe the general sympathy of the Versailles wolves, who limit themselves only to a weak growl? Is this yet another chance, accident?Hitler will invade the USSR and as in 1917, when defeat suffered by the Tsar then gave us the opportunity of overthrowing him, so the defeat of Stalin will help us to remove him … Again the hour of the world revolution will strike. Since the democratic states, at present put to sleep, will help to bring about the general change at that moment, when Trotzky will take power into his hands, as during the Civil War. Hitler will attack from the West, his generals will rise

      {p. 37} and liquidate him … Now tell me, was not Hitler objectively a Communist? Yes or no?

  3. sovereigntea says:


    Klaus and his older brother, Hans Ernst, were born to Eugen
    Wilhelm Schwab and Emma Gisela Tekelius Schwab (née
    Kilian) in Ravensburg (Mar. 30, 1938) and Karlsruhe (Oct. 13,
    1927) respectively.
    Hans Ernst Schwab did not disown their Jewish (“Hebrew”)
    mother Emma like his brother Klaus has. On Dec. 09, 1938,
    Emma Schwab emigrated to the United States as Gisela
    Schwab, leaving her suckling infant Klaus, presumably
    forever. Was she fleeing Hitler’s Jewish persecution? Very
    possible. Was Klaus’ 50% Jewish blood being buried and
    replaced by a pure Aryan persona? More probably, especially
    considering his and his father’s life-long silence about her
    and their involvement in the top secret Nazi nuclear

    Klaus’ father, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab, was the managing
    director of Escher-Wyss & Co. in 1938 when Klaus was born
    in Ravensburg, Germany, and continued with the company as
    President emeritus until his death in 1982.
    Escher-Wyss was founded in 1805, and developed unique
    engineering, manufacturing and high-strength materials
    capabilities focused on gas turbines, compressors, power
    generation, heat pumps, hydraulics, ships, thermal and
    hydroelectric power, and related automation controls.
    Klaus has hidden Escher-Wyss Nazi sins his entire career.
    They are only now emerging. A few other researchers seem
    to have unearthed this evidence just recently as well. Much
    of it has been suppressed behind top secret archives in
    Switzerland, Germany, Britain and the United States—only
    recently released after 90+ years of suppression.
    First, at the time of Klaus’ birth in 1938, Escher-Wyss had
    already been helping the German government build
    compressors, turbines and other critical elements for an
    emerging nuclear industry (since 1929). So, it stands to
    reason that as Hitler came to power, he coddled Escher-Wyss
    and the Schwabs.

    The British 1965 propaganda film The Heroes of Telemark is
    about the Nazi heavy water manufacturing plant in Norway.

    That plant was built by Escher-Wyss.