British travel chaos could be cyber attack

In Britain a series of unexplained fires have occurred recently – the most suspicious at RAF Welford the UK’s air munitions depot on April 14th.  This is accompanied by other fires causing explosions, which seem most unusual, in other locations such as Redditch and Manchester.  See earlier posts.  Revisiting the May 6th Redditch fire. Was it another missile? | (  Russia’s ultimatum to Britain was sent on April 13th but was not reported in any media.  It was rejected by Britain’s junior Defence Minister.  Since when the fun started.

Britain is being affected by Transport chaos, in air, rail, road and ferries.

Some of this could be being caused by cyber attacks, and radar jamming.

East Midlands airport closed today with reason being given of a device in hand luggage. Yet no one arrested and threat not confirmed. There are all the excuses in the book being given for long delays at all airports every day with multiple flights cancelled. All the reasons bar maybe the real one that ATC is being disabled by jamming, flight control systems on airplanes are failing (7700 squawks becoming more frequent) and and booking systems are facing cyber attacks.

East Midlands Airport evacuated after ‘security threat’ amid scenes of ‘mayhem’ – Mirror Online

Russia could be hitting back in ways that bring chaos but don’t kill (hopefully). Motorways are also being blocked with accidents which Police say have no obvious cause. This is indeed preferable to a nuclear missile, but there is still significant danger – especially if these attacks are increased and widened to attack other parts of the economy.

Ports and ferries were also affected by computer system failures in April

Russia is well able to use cyber attacks on Britain. As well as the possible missile attacks. At some point the government will no longer be able to hide the fact that their Ukraine policies are wrecking the country with Russian reprisals.

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No wonder the Russians are looking so relaxed and confident during their May 9th WW2 remembrance day celebrations.  They can dismantle Britain and no one wants to even notice.  Too much loss of face for the government so all is denied and brushed under the carpet.


5 Responses to “British travel chaos could be cyber attack”

  1. squodgy says:

    It is quite easy to think the Ruskies are behind all this, but we mustn’t forget Herr Schwab, aka Spectre, has given us all ample warning of Cyberattacks.
    The WEF agenda of total collapse & reset meshes in perfectly with cyberattacks to accelerate the process.

    • Tapestry says:

      That’s true Squodgy. Yet the timing is also a factor. How do we separate out COVID, war activity, cyber attacks, food shortages and all other evils being perpetrated against humankind?
      Somehow I can’t see the WEF helping Russia to destabilise the UK, but you never know.

      • squodgy says:

        Agreed but from my observations of Herr Schwab’s planning, it seems that if Vlad the former WEF young leader hasn’t gone rogue, (remember KS gleefully advising us of his list of leader members including Vlad & Trudeau) then the ‘war’ as it is is all a diversionary tactic to cover for the economic FIAT debt based collapse and any distraction, whether Cyber attacks, Pandemics, Fires, weather warfare, is all part of the destructive plan. I see Russia is reporting 4,000 wildfires and am reminded of the selective burning of properties but no trees in the California fires last year. It seems the PTB are somehow connected to or are orchestrating every destructive event.

  2. Aldous says:

    I have to admit to having very mixed feelings when it comes to those caught up in these travel nightmares. I also feel somewhat selfish in that I don’t need to travel any more and don’t want to travel either. Downtown is more than far enough for me these days.

    Those who absolutely need to travel (for whatever reason) have my heartfelt sympathy when it comes to airport nightmares – one could make a movie about it.
    However, when it comes to those just ‘jetting off’ for a holiday I’m not so certain. They are electing to travel ‘by choice’ and often paying the price in the most awful way by languishing in airport queues for hours on end – often missing their flights.

    I have friends in Europe living in tourist destinations where they say the bars and restaurants are virtually empty.
    I admire the tenacity (naivety?) of those who would jet-off seeking some sun and supporting those ailing local economies but it’s a mere drop in the ocean compared to what’s happening in the bigger picture.

    Most if not all of these compliant travellers will have been fully jabbed, often to no avail as the goalposts keep getting moved and another jab etc is needed.
    I know of some horror stories where passengers who were full compliant at departure were refused entry and put straight back on the same aeroplane as the ‘rules’ had changed mid-flight.
    Unbelievable or what?

  3. Aldous says:

    New Spain travel rules mean Irish tourists could be refused entry
    The move is part of new European Union rules and affects Spain, as well as other member states
    (includes comments)