The Chinafication of Europe is spreading like a virus as European cities, one after the other, seem to be pushing the Chinese social credit system idea forward.  It’s not only in Bologna, Italy, that a digitally monitored social credit system is in the pipeline.  Similar projects are planned in Bavaria, Germany, and Belgium but they have not progressed as far as in Bologna. And now, the so-called “Vienna Token” will be tested in Austria’s federal capital, Vienna, in the autumn.

Every citizen of Vienna will be offered an app that will reward their behaviour with “Vienna Tokens”. Those who save CO2, get points. The pilot project should have started in 2020, but will now start in autumn 2022.

It’s not the first, but it’s certainly the biggest intervention to date by the globalists in citizens’ way of life, Wochenblick wrote, “good behaviour” will be rewarded but how long will it be before “dissenters” are punished?

As in Bavaria, the environmental footprint will be the cover for the environmentally conscious capitalists. TKP blog reported that the City of Vienna is planning a “digital bonus system which rewards environmentally conscious behaviour with free access to cultural events using an app.”

The app recognises when you travel on foot, by bike or by public transport. The CO2 savings compared to the car journey are then converted into tokens, which can be exchanged for a QR code that grants cheap admission to public events.

During the pilot phase, the tokens will be called “Culture Tokens.”   After the app has been tested and is made “available online” to the entire Viennese population it will be known as “Vienna Tokens.”

According to TKP, the University of Vienna is conducting research on the social credit system in China.  The project, ominously titled ‘Engineering a trustworthy society’, is being funded by the European Research Council (“ERC”), over 5 years, with more than 1.8 million euros.

The head of the research project Heinz Christoph Steinhardt said that of course, it is a reward system, but “here you choose whether to participate, in China you cannot decide whether to participate.” That it is on a voluntary basis is a crucial difference between China and European initiatives.

The ERC is well embedded in the globalist agenda. ERC was a guest at the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) 2019 summit. And George Soros’ Central European University (“CEU”), which relocated to Vienna in 2018, boasts of its close cooperation with ERC.

Viennese officials want to benefit from the fact that the federal capital is one of the four UN headquarters. This makes it all the more committed to implementing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) of Agenda 2030.

Michael Ludwig, Mayor and Governor of Vienna, fully supports transforming Vienna into a completely networked “smart city.”  With this smart city model, radical activists hope consumer behaviour analyses can even replace democratic elections.

Roope Mokka, a Finnish futurist and urbanist with a focus on social transformations, gave a lecture which found its way into the 2017 Smart City Charter of the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.  The 2017 Smart City Charter is in German however, Wochenblink noted in a 2021 article that as per page 43 of the Charter:

According to Mokka, it is not only conceivable that decisions will be made by artificial intelligence in the future. He also believes that “private property could indeed be a luxury.” Data could “complement or replace money as currency.”

And he also believes in a “post-voting society”. His assessment: “Since we know exactly what people want to do, there is less need for elections, majority voting or voting. Behavioural data can replace democracy as the social feedback system.”

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