The Bucha ‘Massacre’

No less an authority than Irish MEP Billy Kelleher (known as Billy The Skid for his colourful driving exploits) laid out the situation in Ukraine for us. “After speaking with local municipal officials, it is clear that hundreds of people have had their lives taken from them and that women and girls as young as 14 were systematically raped and violated. We saw the removal of bodies from mass graves – killed by Russian soldiers but buried in a hurry by the local community after they were killed in the open. I never thought that this level of depravity, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Yugoslavian Civil War, would be seen in a European country again.”

Billy established this by way of conversations with Ukrainians and by examining the videotape which represents the main source of the alleged massacre. This tape shows about ten corpses, many of them with their hands bound, laying on the roadway in Bucha. So far so terrible but available evidence suggests the massacre, if indeed it was such, to be the work of Ukrainians rather than Russians. Exhibit I is the undisputed timeline of events. We know that Russian troops evacuated the town on March 30 and that Ukrainian National Police entered the following day. On that day (March 31) the Mayor announced that the town was fully under the control of Ukrainian officials. You’d imagine he’d have referred to the little matter of bodies littering the streets as well. But nothing about this was said until April 2 when the video was released by the Ukrainian authorities with the Russians being accused of the murders. I’ve thought long and hard about it but this claim is utterly irrational and unsustainable. The only possibility is that the bodies were placed there after the Russians had left. A fact – and it is a fact – which raises the question of the killers’ identities.

The video provides a vital clue here in that some if not all of the victims were wearing white armbands – a symbol of Russian sympathies. Are we to take it then that the Russians killed their own sympathisers for reasons beyond the ken of any rational person? How much more likely is it that after Ukrainian forces retook Bucha they exacted revenge on perceived Russian sympathisers, helpfully identified by their white arm bands? Despite no investigation or forensic analysis having taken place, even after one of the ‘corpses’ was caught on camera waving an arm and even though the Pentagon! was unable to verify Russian responsibility a carefully synchronised Two Minutes Of Hate erupted from the Western political establishment and their obedient media whores, nicely setting the scene for WW 3.

Bucha is the latest in a series of false flags that goes way back, possibly all the way to the Lusitania which as we now know was indeed transporting munitions, the Gulf of Tonkin, Iraqi WMDs, 911, Racak, Assad’s chemical warfare attack on his own citizens……the long list of lies and misrepresentations used as pretexts for ZATO war-mongering are there for anyone to see. Bucha is the latest. But the pretexts always work as intended, the media whores gin up gullible imbeciles to a frenzy of outrage and the criminals get their wars. When the truth eventually seeps out nobody cares any longer, nobody ever gets held accountable.

That’s the sorry truth.