4 Responses to “Dr. Andreas Kalcker – Chlorine Dioxide denatures Spike Protein from Covid/Graphene “Vaccine”.””

  1. Tapestry says:

    Not much evidence provided. I hope it’s right.

    • Gordon says:

      Guess Trump wasn’t so daft then when he said use disinfectant.

      “Chlorine dioxide has such a wide spectrum of uses,” Holzhauer says. “It’s got amazing firepower, it’s economical, and its environmental profile is safer than other choices. There’s nothing else out there that can compete.”


      • seanbeannua says:

        It’s also banned in Europe – but can be got in separate parts to make it yourself;

    • seanbeannua says:

      Have been using this for the past couple of years; what it does is clean out the cells on a cellular level and more importantly, oxygenates the cells with a real blast of oxygen; cancer for instance thrives in a non oxygenated environment;- it was proven to cure cancer and tumours but banned and man using it and promoting it met a sudden end – but have heard from early on in this madness that it’s the cure; think it’s on the list of a few protocols along with liposomal vit c and zinc etc which also works the same way; interestingly enough, with vit c and cancer treatment, the way it works it has a formula of C6H8O6, whereas sugar, which cancers gobble up, has C6H12O6; so it gobbles up the vit c thinking it’s sugar but boom, the trojan horse, it explodes it from the inside,