Butcher Boris wants us all dead

He’s just like his father Stanley who dreamed of a virus to thin the population.  He, Stanley, even wrote a book about it called, imaginatively The Virus.

Stanley never got anywhere being a totally weird character, and creepy to be around, groping rumours and all, however much wealth he had inherited.  (Stanley coming from THE Stanleys?)

Unlike his father, Boris learned the tricks of how to entertain and to charm, but he’s lost none of his father’s predisposition to torment, deceive and kill his fellow human beings.

I say ‘fellow’ beings but psychopaths see themselves as above and separate from the majority of caring human beings, who they look down upon as inferior.

Every now and then the psychos like to foment a big war, to make huge amounts of money, lending and supplying all sides with arms, getting into drugs and getting all they want from human trafficking, and culling the herd, eliminating and destroying the best of each generation, keeping the competition down.

Butcher Boris is the world’s front man in fomenting the current war in Ukraine, flying out to meet actor/comedian Zelensky, sending arms, nudging Poland to do something really stupid,

and ensuring the world’s media lies lies and lies, making the Russians who are trying to save their people from a war (and massive abuse of all kinds) since 2014 in Donbass, into the villains, and

the comedian Zelensky into a fake wartime hero.


Putin is not as dumb as the population in the collective West, which still believes its main media, despite decades of evidence that most news is fake and lies.

Iraq was no exception, with Blair and his dodgy dossier.  When these psychopaths smell a chance of a war, there is nothing but lies, from dawn until dusk.

Yet 95% of the population seems unable to fathom that they are being massively duped.

Iraq didn’t kill many Britons or Westerners.  It killed millions of Iraqis and later on Syrians and Libyans.  But this time it’s different.  Britain is already being hit and will be hit very hard indeed.


Putin and the Russians are aware of who their primary enemy is, and it’s actually not Ukraine.  It’s not even America, which is an incoherent, collapsing country with all its people depressed, confused and sick, and its democracy in tatters.

Only the British seem able to maintain their wellbeing and stability in this sick world, clinging on to memories of empire, attachment to royalty and watching old TV shows that still make them laugh and feel secure.

Butcher Boris is riding on this blanket of  comfort, which is only fake anyway, to foment as big a war as he can, using the Ukraine crisis as the fulcrum.

Will Russia hit back, you might think?  They have Khinsal which travels at Mach 7.  Kalibr at Mach 27, and Sarmat, the 200 tonne avenger – none of which can be intercepted by Western defences.  All can carry nuclear warheads.  Britain probably can’t even shoot down 500 mile an hour missiles as out Tornados are outdated.  Our navy is miniscule and our land army not equipped.  In fact we are defenceless to all intents and purposes.  So will Russia hit?

Sarmat – Putin’s 200 tonne avenger missile

The answer is yes.  Russia will hit and very hard.  Putin has made it abundantly clear.  Expect to lose our railways, our motorways, our air bases, our navy and our command centres – maybe even Downing Street.  And that will take maybe just a day.  If we don’t stop our folly, we can expect to see nuclear reaction, as promised by Putin from the beginning.  And millions will then die.  All because of the Butchery of Boris, doing his father’s bidding.

In fact you might wonder why Russia hasn’t hit back already.  Maybe they won’t dare take on the might of NATO (The Nazi Toenail), you might think.

Think again.  Last week the munitions base of the RAF and US air force in the UK at Welford blew up.  Nothing got into the main news.  Nothing went on TV or radio – nothing.  In fact most haven’t heard of anything blowing up at all.  The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror and The Express ran a story about a fireworks factory in Newbury blowing up.  That was cunning.  Yet there are no fireworks factories in Newbury.  The other problem is that Newbury is to the south of the M4 motorway.  The explosions were to the north of the M4 motorway.

See if you work out what actually happened.


If you’re astute enough and are capable of independent thought, you will realise that Russia has already hit Britain with a warning missile.

So what does Boris do?  Sure he goes a little bit quieter and looks a bit shocked.  What did he expect?  But essentially he’s carrying on with his mission to get millions wiped off this planet.

There is only one political party in Britain which is campaigning for peace, and that’s the English Democrats.  They are a tiny force but if we want to live – give up on all previous politics.  We need to start again.

Solicitor Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of The English Democrats.  The only politician who wants peace.


The Indians have told Boris Johnson to clear off.  All the world supports Russia except the EU, the US, Canada and Australia.

The British are a sick joke.  No one wants our war, only the pathetic pongos, Henrys and Ruperts on the BBC.  It’s over, boys.  You’re a leftover from a century ago, out of time.  Wake up.

Either get it and change our approach – or wait for the country to be obliterated by Russia who has had enough of our total stupidity, arrogance and butchery.

‘I say!  That’s all a bit over the top, old chap.’

No it isn’t.



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6 Responses to “Butcher Boris wants us all dead”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you for this, Tap. It makes so much sense. What a benefit to the world it would be to take out the City of London, and Westminster’s outlying sites as well as Downing Street. It must be sorely tempting to the Russians. Would Nato retaliate? Or would the US be more interested in saving its own skin when push comes to shove. And where are the Rothschilds domiciled? Does anyone actually know?

  2. Aldous says:

    It is established for all eternity!
    The lard-ass Time Traveller and all-round space-oddity who has taken human form and often known as ‘BoZo the Clown’ is actually a Klingon from the Planetary Group 2fingpoweratanycost in the Black Asshole Cesspool Galaxy.

  3. Aldous says:

    Just look at that wet-fart-looking General Sir Nick Carter. He needs a bloody haircut that’s for sure. Long haired lout.
    “Am I hurting you General?”
    “No, why?”
    “Because I’m standing on your friggin’ hair that’s why!”
    The UK and West are doomed! Doomed I say! Dad’s Army?
    I haven’t bothered to listen to the Radio 4 Best of Today link.
    I assume the upper class twit will no doubt be talking with a mouthful of marbles as is usually the case it seems with the UK’s General Staff.

  4. Aldous says:

    @ danceaway 5:56 am
    I agree danceaway and its geographical location does put the UK in serious harm’s way, although the way sad, mad, bad and fat-boy BoZo is behaving – no doubt at the behest of his masters – anywhere in the UK is a potential target.
    It reminds me of the dodgy situation that Cyprus now finds itself in where there are two UK Sovereign Base Areas, ESBA and WSBA – Eastern and Western.
    These will be prime targets in a global conflict whether Cyprus likes it or not.