A COLOSSAL bang heard by residents across northern Powys last week has been attributed to a meteorite that passed over the area.

Residents from Llanfyllin, Newtown and Guilsfield took to social media last Thursday to say they had heard a noise in the early hours of the day, which they likened to a sonic boom or a thunderclap.


This didn’t stop residents from neighbouring areas from hearing the meteorite as it broke up and fell.

Michele Isaac Keatley from Llanfyllin said: “So many people heard it from quite a wide range of places, but the consensus seemed to be it was a sonic boom from an aircraft

“I asked a friend, whose husband is in the RAF and works on Chinooks, and he said he didn’t think they came this way, and also unlikely in the middle of the night.”

TAP – This comment made me laugh.  People are now being asked to report any shards of the meteorite that may have fallen in the area – although most of these are likely to be well outside of Powys, to the south of Shrewsbury.  

There’s more to this story, with many eye and ear witnesses saying they heard an aircraft.  Others reported seeing the flash of an explosion.  At least a newspaper has reported some of the comments of residents, and they don’t think it was a meteor.


TAP – If it wasn’t a meteor, then what was it?  If it was a missile, then where was it targeting, and was it shot down, making the flash?

The explosion at RAF Welford a few days before this, might give some clue in this strange episode of explosions in Shropshire’s and Powys’ night skies.

Let’s see if anything else turns up.   Was the radio telescope at Knockin a target?  It’s in the right zone.  Those radio telescopes cost a fortune to maintain and are said to be dedicated to astronomy.  They look the perfect devices for tracking incoming missiles to my eye, all linked together with fibre optics with seven of them, so they can scan all horizons 24 hours a day….