18 fire crews attend stack fire at Silsden Hill, Yorkshire. Why?

I decided to look up all recent fires published in news given all the strange events going on such as the fireworks warehouse blowing up in Newbury, four miles or so from RAF Welford, Britain’s air munitions store.  In Shropshire reports of a meteor blowing up have been placed in two local newspapers – The County Times from Powys, and The Shropshire Star.  Locals said they heard an aircraft, saw a fireball and heard an explosion at 12.45am on the 14th April, the day after Russia’s ultimatum was rejected by the US and the UK.

This item appeared from my search.  It seems like nothing much until you compare the picture of a relatively small fire in the open, which might have been a stack fire, not uncommon.  It’s when you are told that 18 fire crews were in attendance and that all local roads were sealed that this alerts you to wonder why were so many fire crews called out.  Two might have been enough for such a fire, not eighteen.  Why would all local roads be sealed?  Were all the fire crews from The Fire Service or were some from other Services?

The thing that also popped up in this area is that RAF Menwith is just fifteen miles away – Britain’s centre for eaves-dropping, and listening in on the world.  If another missile was shot down travelling in that direction, the actions taken by the fire service would be more understandable.  RAF Menwith would be a natural target, as maybe would the radio telescopes, of which one is near the Shropshire/Welsh border where the fireball was seen by locals on the 14th April 2022.  The telescopes were set up after WW2 by radar specialists….

Getting back to Yorkshire –

You might say I’m clutching at straws, but really 18 fire crews for a stack fire?

Cause of fire is given as unknown.  And why would it be reported in the BBC?  It’s hardly a story of national significance….

Silsden farm fire: Crews tackle blaze – BBC News

Silsden farm fire: Crews tackle blaze

West Yorkshire Fire and RescueIMAGE SOURCE,WYFR
Image caption,

People were being asked to keep windows and doors closed to avoid smoke

Firefighters have been dealing with a blaze at a farm in West Yorkshire.

Crews were called to the fire at the property on Green Lane in Silsden just before 14:00 BST on Saturday.

Road closures were put in place in the area and those living nearby were advised to keep windows and doors closed due to the volume of smoke.

It has now been extinguished, with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service thanking the landowner, whose machinery was used to help put it out.

There are no reports of injuries.

Cringles Lane, Bank Lane, Jowett’s Lane and Walker’s Lane were closed for a time

More details in the local paper.  More than fifteen fire stations sent out crews….

If the stories don’t stack up, there must be another explanation.

Cause of Silsden barn fire remains unknown | Craven Herald

Crews from more than 15 fire stations were called out to the incident, in Green Lane.

The West Yorkshire brigade was supported by neighbouring North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Smoke could be seen billowing across the area, and residents were urged to stay away from the scene and keep their windows closed.

A number of roads were shut – including Cringles Lane, Bank Lane, Jowett’s Lane and Walker’s Lane – whilst emergency services dealt with the incident.

Several fire crews remained at the scene into the evening damping down.

TAP – Think of all the overtime!   If a fire crew has six men, that would be over 100 fire officers.  Were some in fact RAF?  In the picture shown, none of the buildings seem to be affected.  Maybe there were others now burned down but the main buildings look OK.  Think too if Britain antagonising Russia in Ukraine is a good idea or not.  The English Democrats are the only political party in the UK with a peace agenda.  Back them, and get this topic into the main media.  Or is Britain to be sacrificed by NATO to get their World War going?

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15 Responses to “18 fire crews attend stack fire at Silsden Hill, Yorkshire. Why?”

  1. BenBecula says:

    Well it makes me wonder what might lie beneath the farm or it’s outbuildings!?

    • Tapestry says:

      Another curious detail was that the farmer provided equipment to assist. I thought Fire Crews brought all their own kit. Unless there was some item that needed lifting. Bigger farms have lifting equipment as a rule. The question is what would be liftable? It wouldn’t be a downed aircraft, but maybe a downed missile casing. Our defences against missile attack seem pretty good – except curiously RAF Welford was hit. Maybe they don’t have Jodrell bank ‘telescope’ type systems down that part of Britain. London area is an easier hit than Britain’s sheep farms.

  2. emm jay says:

    Someone in America has been clocking the many ‘fires’ recently over there too, in the last 2 years. Shocking. 10 min vt.


  3. newensign says:

    Another excellent find Tap! Firstly, the media report that a stack caught fire, I assume they mean haystack, but very few farms if any now make haystacks and if they do, its well away from property. It is usually bail wrapped in plastic, excluding air and therefore less likely to self-combust. Also, the smoke does not seem to be dense enough to warrant people needing to close their widows. However, it could well be this was some time after the start, but if it was such a horrendous fire requiring 18 fire-brigades to attend, one would expect to see the surrounding structures blackened! This leads me to speculate that the main fire was somewhere else and the farm fire was a deliberate distraction or a small fragment hit the farm. The fire is still smouldering, so one would expect to see some fire appliances still there, if it was so important – they would probably have been up-wind of the fire so as not to be affected by the fames and smoke – I don’t see any!
    This ties up with and further confirms your speculation re Putin’s warning to the West and in particular Boris! See link below:
    Putin warns Israel and NATO not to send troops to Ukraine – Russia knows SAS troops have been sent from Hereford to Levov to infiltrate Russian occupied Ukraine – This may explain the unusual fires and lights from “comets – meteors” in the sky of the Welsh/English border area.
    This good find of Tap has already been reported on a USA news Website link below:

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    For what it’s worth I have a few observations

    A good mate of mine lives only a few miles upwind from this place. Funnily enough, purely by coincidence, I happened to see him today when he called in on spec. So I asked him, was he aware of this? His answer, No. If this had been a really big event then I think that he would know. That is not certain by any means, but he’s lived there for ages. Both he and his missus are farming stock, both were born on local farms, from old style farmers. They know everyone in the farming community in that part of the world

    Furthermore, haystacks are sometimes used in farms in this area, usually with old style unwrapped bales in barns, I’ve seen plenty of them. The farm nearest my house, admittedly not directly in this area, uses this exact method. I do agree that most bales are now plastic wrapped, not unwrapped in barns. But there are still plenty of stacks in barns too

    The area of this farm is comparatively remote rural, just off the Western end of Ilkley Moor. I’ve walked in the area many many times, so I know it quite well. I’d be gobsmacked if it was covert military to be honest, but you never know

    The local fire brigade is VERY sensitive to country fires. Ilkley Moor has had several incidents in recent years, wild fires in dry weather which we’ve now got, hasn’t rained for weeks. Usually these incidents are from moronic walkers/tourists on the moor. The moor is a very popular location for a day out walking. Train services from both Bradford and Leeds terminate at Ilkley, so easy access from both cities which are only a dozen or so miles away

    Menwith Hill is approx 15 miles from Silsden

  5. Tapestry says:

    Maybe I am clutching at straws Pete but I still can’t see how this is on national news website BBC. Fifteen miles is 15 seconds at Mach 7 which is the top speed of the Khinsal missile, although they slow somewhat near the target. As the crow flies, it’s about ten miles to Menwith from this fire. Putin et al have notified the UK and the US that they are at liberty to attack us as we are killing Russians. I just would prefer that the people of this country had a chance to know that our leaders are taking us potentially to our deaths over a war which is truly none of our concern.

    Welford was hit. maybe other locations have also been hit.

    Thanks for your local knowledge. Round us there are people who believe they heard sound barrier effect of a jet aircraft, after seeing a fireball in the sky and hearing explosions. You just feel instinctively that there must be more than we know going on. It is just chance we know about Welford fireworks and the Shropshire/Powys meteorite. Most people have no doubt about our news media. Secrecy doesn’t shout out what it knows. You need to continuously dig.

  6. Tapestry says:

    There have been numerous reports of aircraft of all types reporting they are in difficulties using the Squawk 7700 code on their transponders, advising other nearby aircraft to move away, and ATC. Two of these cases were near to Menwith. There appears to be some kind of interference with the navigational systems or flight control systems as there are so many flights affected. A commercial airliner was over the Dales when it reported, as well as a Goshawk trainer of warplane. The fire which had maybe 180 fire crew attending might possibly have been a plane that crashed, which is why all lanes were closed. If so there are three aircraft in difficulties close to Menwith in three days. The threat of Russian missiles has no doubt caused a change to the normal stood down situation, and some of these changes to radar are making flying less safe. Equally as New Ensign says, Russian electronic warfare capabilities might include the ability to jam Menwith’s eaves-dropping, and this could blind aircraft navigational systems to boot. Britain is getting involved in something for which it appears we are ill-prepared.

    Reports from Defense Politics Asia of 1000 soldiers killed in a missile strike on a training base in Ukraine (1000c killed or wounded) would include some of the SAS training staff presumably. The SAS works for Mossad, not Britain, sending Christians to fight Christians so the Jews can take over Ukraine, as exhausting Russia and all other nations, including Britain. Poland seems to want to join the catastrophe. The British Government is also working for Mossad and has no concerns sending millions of Britons to their deaths.

    The only political party wanting to end hostilities and bring peace are The English Democrats.

    • newensign says:

      Well said Tap. Your comment on Poland, just brought to mind, that a large part of Poland and the Ukraine which at one time was Russian. It was Kathrine the Great who created an area where Russian Jews were restricted which was an area that included Kraków in Poland and Levov now in the Ukraine, because of their abuse of native Russians and the area was called the Pale. It was the death penalty if they strayed outside the area – hence the term “beyond the Pale”! WWII was started by Polish Jews murdering Germans in the territory ceded to Poland at the end of WWI. It is probably no coincidence that WWIII is brewing in the same area using exactly the same tactics!

  7. emm jay says:

    Tap, have you taken the sausage factory fire article down? It was on here this morning. Or has it (cough) disappeared?

  8. Tapestry says:

    Not I. Maybe it’s rolled over to page two?

    • emm jay says:

      No Tap it hasn’t, I checked before I asked you. It’s not there.

      • newensign says:

        Emm, I am still seeing the sausage factory fire on my computer – just looked at it now:
        I think it is being censored by your browser – Try changing your browser – I use several different ones and on some the content disappears particularly those posted by Tapestry – I used Brave.com to find the link posted here.

      • Tapestry says:

        They are tampering with the blog, emm jay. Thanks for checking on that story. I believe that you can go back in time to rescue posts. That one appeared to be Britain’s first food fire, mirroring all the ones happening in the USA, and no doubt elsewhere. If they have a beam weapon to set sausage factories on fire in Harlow, I am sure they could use the same weapon to sink the Moskva. Can Russia deal with such a system? Otherwise Russia could win the conventional war and at some point find everything on fire and lose the space war.

        They tampered with the above post but I put it all back in comments and then they undid the tamper. I am sure they remove many posts once they think we are not looking.

        Maybe you could become an author emm jay and recover lost posts using the wayback machine?!

      • emm jay says:

        Thanks for that Tap. Thanks also to newensign for suggesting to change browser. I did, but still no sign of that post. Gone.

        A little coincidental maybe, but, on this thread, on 27 April at 12.24 pm (it can still be seen above) I posted a link to a 10 min vt on the shocking fires on food factories in America … before you put up the sausage factory post. I remember thinking that the link I had posted would be more appropriately posted on the sausage factory article that came later.

        So, no sausage factory for me 🙂

  9. danceaway says:

    And another slant, how curious that they should choose sausages. Why not a plant that produce beef products?

    What part of the population probably consumes the most sausages? Connect the dots.