Ukronazis use hospital as military base

Ukrainian forces were using a hospital full of patients as a “human shield” and Russia obliterated it. Obviously the American MSM makes no mention of the fact that the Ukranian military made it a de-facto military base. RT is working fine here and I see no mention of this there.

The CIA is spewing it’s usual B.S. about how bad Russia is and how ugly it is going to get as the CIA itself pumps mercenaries and operatives into Ukraine to use hospitals as “defacto military bases” to force Russia to do as the CIA predicts.

There’s the usual un-founded “chemical weapons” spew about how Putin is going to use them, but I don’t recall them turning up in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else the con job Pentagon, CIA and MSM have claimed they would.

U.S. threatens to sanction China for doing business with Russia

China said “too bad”.

My comment: You mean you are going to sanction China after the snowflake left transferred nearly all of the production for American corporations there??? You mean no more iphones, Nikes and big screens? GO FOR IT. Biden is rapidly truly showing that the American people are a HELL OF A LOT SMARTER than the idiots who stole the last election from them.



Somehow, (at least for today) “they” managed to get the price of oil and gold under control. And some states are repealing the gasoline taxes to mask the amount gas prices are going up. That’s a good move. NOT A GOOD MOVE: Print billions more in paper gold to drive the price of real gold down. Only an IDIOT would settle for paper!!!! Yes, gold really can vanish like a bitcoin exchange. All it takes is for the holding company to go belly up and ADIOS!!! PHYSICAL GOLD IS THE ONLY GOLD. I won’t keep harping this, if people won’t listen after being told a second time there’s no saving them.

If you have paper gold, it is a fiction, there is NO GOLD TO BACK IT UP, it’s like a game of musical chairs in reverse, where everyone who gets a seat loses and the guy left standing gets the gold. It is leveraged out THAT BAD and you won’t be that guy left standing, the insider will be that guy.


March 8

Update to below (Polish Migs) After the Pentagon pushed real hard for this over several days, suddenly when Poland said “yes” the Pentagon said “We never said we’d host them!!”. Now, I can’t say I am disappointed BUT if you ever wanted to push a banana into the American republic, that’s precisely how a banana republic is done. “Banana”= “word no good”.