The game is over. Ukrainian military has been decapitated. No food. No munitions. No reinforcements.

Russian strategy has been to move slowly, go round the enemy’s positions and close them down.  This has been a surgical intervention.  Now it’s a clean-up operation.  The Ukrainians will surrender or die.  The Russians will go after the Ukrainian Nazis who have been using civilians as human shields.

Russell – The Russians take open country when they feel like it.  The cities are different.  Ukrainians are positioning military equipment between apartment buildings, where civilians are living.  The Ukrainians will soon be completely surrounded.  Will the Nazis try to break through to the cities from Donbass, and use the population as human shields.

Ukrainian forces in Donbass are 90% surrounded and cut off.  No one is getting in or out.  Yet still the Ukrops shell the city of Donietsk.  Supply lines are cut off.  Food getting low.  They were planning a big offensive into Donbass cities before Putin’s Operation Z, so they probably have a lot of ammunition.  The Russians can use cruise missiles to take them out, overriding bullets and shells.

Russians hope to minimise casualties, which is why they’ve not wiped out the Ukrainian forces so far.

Ukrainian Army will be conscripted for reconstruction.  The Ukro Nazis will be brought to trial.  It could take two months as it’s a complex humanitarian operation.  They’ve got to filter out the real war criminals.  Rounding up the Nazis could take a while.

What about Zelensky?  Is he in Poland?

No one knows for sure.  He’ll be put on trial if captured.

As for ISIS terrorists and British mercenaries, the rules of war don’t apply to them.  Presumably they’ll be disposed of.