One Response to “Styles of war. Encirclement versus shock and awe.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Dealing with a bad press US style.

    “Information Control”

    One hospital in Fallujah was especially conscientious in cataloguing all these horrible deformities, tending to the live births, preserving the bodies of the dead infants, collecting volumes of photographs, and meticulously recording all their findings. One result was that not only news but photos were beginning to leak out. The American response was 100% effective; they launched a deadly series of air strikes and bombed the entire hospital to rubble, not only killing the deformed babies but destroying all the accumulated records and evidence, and killing the medical staff who were cataloguing it. Of course, the attacks killed all the staff and regular patients in the hospital as well.

    When Blowing up Iraqi Hospitals, if at first you don’t succeed . . .