Scott Ritter says Russian strategy is not occupation. NATO wants to deploy ‘peace-keepers’ into Western Ukraine.

Scott Ritter on PSYOPS, the Information War, Russian strategy in Ukraine, Russia is not an occupying force. What is Russia’s end game.

You fix the enemy’s army in place and grind them down.

They concentrate the NAZIs into Mariupol and eliminate them.

The Russians don’t want to take Kyiv.

Towns are mostly meaningless.  Let the Ukrainians win one or two villages when the fighting is on their terms.  Then commit your army when the fighting is on your terms.

Russia is fighting with a 3:1 deficit.  They are grinding down the Ukrainians successfully.  The strategy is working well.

NATO is in an emergency meeting discussing a peacekeeping force going into Western Ukraine.

That would mean war.

Russia has Kinzal and bigger hypersonic missiles to which NATO has no reply.

Russia is firing Kinzal to make NATO think carefully about its options.

Russia could knock out NATO across Europe.  Russia doesn’t want to fight NATO.

NATO wants to fight Russia.

Russia doesn’t want to occupy Ukraine.  It just wants Ukraine sorted out, so Russia can live in peace.