5 Responses to “Map updated March 7th Ukraine”

  1. Aldous says:

    President(sic) Zelenskyy to make ‘historic address’ to British(sic) MPs


    He/It looks very ‘presidential’ doesn’t he/it? I wear a filthy T-shirt like that when I’m crashed-out at the bottom of the stairs after a night on the lash and my worn-out missus can’t be bothered to help me up them. Some of my best sleeps have been at the bottom of stairs – or even in the bathtub that I fell in on one occasion though I don’t remember much about the event apart from waking up in it in all my gear. The bitch who helped me home has still got my wallet.
    What a ‘bought and paid for’ western bitch Zelensky is. I honestly blush for the western people tolerating this stuff.
    The thought of him ‘making a historic address’ – even by video-link – to British MPs in (what is) now the absolute Mother****er of all Parliaments and Democracy(lol) is more than this particular White man can bear. I hope anyone watching or hearing it remembers to delouse. Talk about rats of a feather ‘joining’ a stinking ship!
    I see his ‘stormtroopers’ have been pulling men, women and children trying to flee to safety out of their cars and executing them for daring to do so. Viciously untamed and shamefully inadequate against the Russians but wild beasts when it comes to men, women and children.
    Rant over.

  2. danceaway says:


    Alex Christoforu reporting from Athens; new map at about 6 minutes; cauldron seems to be closing; forces from north and south will be able to join up. Let us hope this happens before Poland is pushed to get involved.

    • Tapestry says:

      Poland has offered to fly its planes to Ramstein US base in Germany. That’s the wrong direction! Maybe NATO’s been offered Western Ukraine and they can fly in some planes there for a face saving exercise next week. Used to be part of Poland at one time and has different mix there. Just a wild guess.

  3. danceaway says:


    same map and its significance being discussed in greater detail by Alex and Alexander Mercouris.