7 Responses to “Ground breaking information from Rich Planet.”

  1. ROTH says:

    This appears to confirm what Carrie Madej said last year. While others were warning about MRNA she was talking about DARPA hydrogel.

    Part 2 here, as it’s not obvious from the link http://cdn1.richplanet.net/mp4/295_02.mp4

  2. danceaway says:

    I have not finished listening to this yet. Thank you for the extra links.

    I have found Carrie’s accounts compelling from the get go; she was invited to these tech meetings where all this was disclosed several years ago. She stored the info away in her mind, as she could hardly believe it, but found it highly disturbing. When the present situation unfolded, she then connected the dots, and was one of the first to examine the vials.

  3. emm jay says:

    “Some Prominent Anti-Vaxers Have Masonic Ties (Part One)”

    Carrie Madej among others are mentioned in this article. (20 Jan 2022)


  4. Ander1991 says:

    Can someone drop a link to an explanation of content for this? Just tried the first mp4 of three and it’s about 300mb so throttled it. thx

  5. ian says:

    After a night’s sleep, I think that it must be both. I mean Yes, I agree there seems to be compelling evidence that there are microscopic parts in the jab, which are very likely to be parts of an electronics system. I also feel sure that the liquid carrying these parts is a medical formula of sorts. The jab causes clotting of the blood, it appears to give limited protection from infection for a short period of time, and it seems to destroy the immune system.

    I was hoping for an obvious correlation between illness and the jab, in order to wake people up, but that is not happening. In March however, there is a bill going through parliament, which very likely will remove our right to refuse the jab. Happy days.