Evil is not entertainment. It is real.

Ancient symbols of MAGIC are incorporated into many Fortune 500 company logos.

These are called SIGILS…

You, your family and your children are DROWNING in these occult SIGILS…

All processed foods carry a barcode, which includes “666” as the common denominator and separator of billions of product serial numbers around the world…

If you think this is baloney and just yet another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ then it’s obvious you know nothing about the sciences being used to curse you.

JOHN DEE was the chief astrologer and counsellor to Queen Elizabeth 1st. He used Jewish mystical formulas of GEMATRIA and also channelled a language, complete with syntax, from spirits which claimed to be messengers from ENOCH…

Many pacts are signed in blood with demons… The most famous pact in the history of magic is the DRAGON ROUGE in which a pact is signed with the devil and the Prime Minister of hell… The Dragon Rouge is one of many GRIMOIRES first ever exposed on film by Chris Everard back in 2006…

You can see Grimoires and Sigils featured on the Enigma Channel when we visit the Kings Library in London… The most notorious of grimoire books is the GOETIA which lists 72 primary demons of hell. These 72 demons are the Quilipoth ‘husks’ – mutant mistakes from the time of creation which haunt people’s homes and can even possess and take over a human body…

No matter if you spend a lifetime watching the mainstream media or YouTube – you will NEVER find documentaries and films which tell you the truth… 

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Each of these 72 demons control legions of lesser demons – and each has a certain proclivity for causing headaches, fatigue, tiredness, gluttony, confusion, colds and flu, cancer, and other debilitating disease. 

This information is BANNED from the mainstream media.

Millions of people are either possessed or partially possessed by these demons, who enter the human body at times of weakness, or during drug taking sessions, or when a person opens a portal such as when they experiment with a ouija board.

Are you ready to dance the dance of the OBBY OSS?

Stop wasting your time hunting for something good to watch.

You just found it: Thousands of TV shows and hard-to-find documentaries…

A whole world of information.


TAP – If Evil is real, Chris, then what makes for goodness?  Where is that in all of your films?


2 Responses to “Evil is not entertainment. It is real.”

  1. Deepseaninja says:

    “TAP – If Evil is real, Chris, then what makes for goodness? Where is that in all of your films?”
    Exactly. Where is the goodness anywhere?

    • Tapestry says:

      Chris spends a lot of filming time on demonic rituals and the summoning of evil, which he does well. Why does he not show the reverse of the process when demons are being cast out of either people or of buildings and indicate how this is done. He has filmed people being possessed in Taiwan telling people their futures. He could film exorcists at work. Of course even in the church they are pushed out, and those working for good have to act in fear for themselves. With our realm invaded by demonic forces summoned in rituals, we could do with more activity driving out the demons from our realm. As CHris is working in this field whu does he not complete the job and show how demons are got rid of.