Do You See a Pattern Yet.

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Show Feb 6, 2022

Did you know in the summer of 2000 that Saddam Hussein announced Iraq was going to quit accepting the US Dollar for all transactions? We invaded Iraq (again) in 2003.

Did you know Muammar Gaddafi announced in 2009 Libya would create its own currency called the African Gold Dinar which would replace using the US dollar? In 2011 Gaddafi was killed by NATO backed rebels.

Did you know in 1938 Germany arrested the Rothschilds and seized their Central Bank? The following year WW2 started. Germany was destroyed.

Did you know last year in 2021 Russia announced it is removing all US Dollar assets from its wealth fund?

Do you see a pattern yet?




2 Responses to “Do You See a Pattern Yet.”

  1. archer says:

    The difference with Russia is that anyone that takes them on is going to get an absolute kicking. The bully boys took on Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi as they were powerless to fight back – not Russia though. Everyone knows that Russia are incredibly well-equipped and fiercely patriotic.

    I’d even go far enough to say that the western war-mongers are scared enough of Iran – hence why we haven’t seen an attempted invasion thus far. Russia are ten times stronger both militarily and economically.

    • ian says:

      I agree archer. They’d have to be stupid and have a desire to destroy their own countries before they’d attack Russia. Oh hang on!