1. Aldous says:

    I watched that video a couple of days ago and it is riveting stuff. TPTB have taken a wrecking ball to the Catholic Church starting with Vatican ll.
    Having studied (or tried to study) Latin for four long years, I can well understand where Brother Bugnolo is coming from with his (and many others) claim that Benedict XVI is still the Pope, all because of the word ‘Munus’ being totally absent from his supposed resignation statement delivered for some strange reason in Latin to the assembled Cardinals.
    BTW, an interesting factoid, the British actor John Cleese (Fawlty Towers etc) is fluent in Latin and used to teach it before becoming famous.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “Having studied (or tried to study) Latin for four long years…”

      I gave up even ‘trying’ after less than one year…
      Anyone who can actually understand and use that language fluently, is likely a genius and could choose and pass with honours, any PhD they feel like.
      I think Latin is a kind of ‘filter’, the universities (when they were actually institutions of academia), deployed to separate the smart people from the dunces, i.e. Yours Truly.

  2. ian says:

    No disrespect intended here David, but the reason that I for one paid no attention to this video is, the minute I see the Pope or Cardinals or whatever, I turn it off. I have no time for nor interest in the corrupt ridiculous antiquated shit that goes with it. F the pope I say. I’m sure that you or Tap or someone else will have something to say in reply to this, but whilst the church sits on billions of £ in cash and assets, and proclaims that it believes this or that. It is and always has been a lying racket.

  3. Aldous says:

    Hi Ian and Happy New Year to You and Yours.
    Your comment made me think of ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ from Mario Puzo’s The Godfather. It’s worked for me over the years and decades.
    Never refuse to watch or observe something or someone as there is usually something to learn.

    I keep in touch with a very dear Catholic cleric who is fluent in several languages and almost certainly without sin – only God knows. A virgin for sure is my guess but I’ve never asked. She was my strict teacher in what now seems another life and her drop-dead-gorgeous beauty is beyond belief.
    I’ve never made a pass at her but often thought about it. A bit late now.
    Even if you don’t believe in God, at least try to keep the thought of there being a God close. There aren’t many if any Agnostics or Atheists in warfare.

    I remember doing a night parachute free-fall descent from several thousand feet decades ago when the automatic heightfinder mechanism malfunctioned along with the main parachute. I was a few seconds from hitting the deck and it all going dark on me when I screamed “God help me!” as i was fast running out of time and altitude. The reserve parachute I had been struggling with immediately deployed as if God had ordered it.
    I think I had about 3 seconds under the reserve canopy before landing (hitting more like) so it was a very close call. I’ve always thought that God answered my call for help and thanked Him ever since.

    • ian says:

      Hi Aldous, Happy new year friend. I understand what you’re saying Aldous, and my view is not really about personal religion, and I’m happy for everyone to have their own religious beliefs and needs. My comment was really about the church. I have no time for them.

  4. David 2 says:

    Ian you should watch this video as it identifies the new world order takedown of everything that keeps society functioning.

    There is a reason why judges let the guilty go free. There is a reason why politicians sing in unison. They are part of the this society of thugs.

    Where you find your spirituality is up to you, that is your soul choice. So do not be hard on these clerics.

    The video is enlightening for all these reasons.

    • ian says:

      Hello David, just, in my opinion, wasted an hour of my life, watching the video. It shows that the church has been corrupted by freemasonry. That I knew that the church was corrupt, was the reason that I didn’t watch it in the first place. Who controls freemasonry David. Who controls Money David. Who controls the Media David. Who controls big Pharma David. Who created Marxism David. I could go on. Have your religions, I have mine. I just hate the church and it’s hypocrisy.

      • David 2 says:

        Ian I am 100% in agreement with you.

        However normies have to come to the same conclusion and this video puts a major dent in their beliefs.

        At the end of this, people will have a new perspective. There is no going back and what the masonic controllers have in mind for the future, is not acceptable.

        The very first words that Pope Francis uttered was the need to reconcile theological thinking, so that it integrated with the Jews. That confirmed to me the new world order agenda and the end of the Catholic tradition. This video sets the record straight from sources inside the Church.

      • ian says:

        Actually David, I have felt guilty since posting my reply. I can be prickly, and there was no need so I apologise. We’re all on the same side, and thankfully are all different. My personality makes me want to get to the finish. I have an aversion to the Church, not religion, everyone can have their own, and wherever they can find peace is good by me. My domineering style puts people off. I understand that.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        “I have an aversion to the Church, not religion, everyone can have their own,…”

        I’m the same regarding the church ian – they’re probably more corrupt now than are the the controlled, blatantly prejudiced and biased judiciaries, but do have a strong Christian based faith in God. However I don’t invest any hope whatsoever in the ridiculous notion, that many of my fellow Christians share, and most of them DO go to church: strongly believing that Jesus is returning to save us all from Satan and the evil globalists, just because it chronicles something along those lines in the final chapter of the Bible; which they have completely misconstrued.

  5. David 2 says:

    As you say we are all in the same boat, it is very important that we row together and share information.

    The enemy of humanity are making themselves known. They must be desperate as the crimes can never be forgiven.

  6. Tapestry says:

    The Catholic Church was launched by Vespasian – he ordered the New Testament to be written by Josephus Flavius in AD70. They massacred all those with spiritual knowledge such as the Druids for the launch of Christianity across the empire – and have kept on massacring spiritual knowledge ever since, the Australian aborigines the latest victims piled up in COVID camps for compulsory vaccines. Gnostic libraries such as Alexandria were all burned and all remaining knowledge was hidden away in the Vatican. King Jesus was of royal blood and he had different ideas to the Roman victors who defeated him and his Nazarene followers. They imprisoned him in Chester and buried his spiritual knowledge inside a new religion so that his spiritual power was mostly lost inside a corrupt organisation (the Catholic Church). However the knowledge is still available if people want to access it. We are faced today with a demonic takeover of humankind. We can fight back by calling on the known forces of goodness to defeat our enemies. Those who drive out demons do so in the name of Jesus and the demons invariably run. They know they are the trash of the universe, but unfortunately the human race has omitted to call on the powers of God or goodness to stop their own destruction by a corrupted world government, driven entirely and solely by demonic power. Historians like Ralph Ellis believe they have disempowered King Jesus by narrating some of his historical details. Little do they know….they are helping to bring his true power to bear unencumbered by the corruption of the Catholic Church and world government.