1. ian says:

    Good Video D2

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Haven’t heard from this ‘hero’ in a long time. When’s he going to file a ‘lawsuit’ against a government in one of their corrupt courts?
    When is the great Dr Fuellmich and his huge team of heroic international lawyers going to save the world with the help of THEIR biased and corrupt courts of lawlessness and INjustice?
    I can’t be bothered playing the video now. I know what he’s like and what to expect. Tired of overpaid shills like him sowing seeds of false hope in the minds of the lazy and gullible, who are too scared to stand up and defend their God-given freedom and human rights by simply refusing to go along with any of their government’s dehumanizing mandates and diktats,
    Fuellmich and the courts cannot and will not do anything to stop this holocaust from proceeding as planned…
    The evil masonic cabal already anticipated and planned for futile responses such as this, years ago.

    • David 2 says:

      Ian, obviously I cannot answer your frustration. It is a video compilation and I suggest that you take whatever is offered and let it sink in. Your first impressions were positive and I thought it was a compilation well done.

      In the course of a day, our minds are offered many thousand things. Some minds are bombarded by MSM news, financial or bitcoin articles, other minds are bombarded by videos such as these.

      I try to select video information that works as a temporal marker. Everything in life is in constant change and even out of curiosity, we should try to keep up.

      I particularly like early notice of events such as Evergrande, or information that explains the language we use. Everyone lives in their bubble of ideas, prejudices, etc., so why not try to expand the parameters and test whatever lies outside our pre-conceptions.

      With regard to Herr or Dr Fuellmich. His team have apparently filed charges in Poland under Nuremberg. His team apparently consisted of some 1,000 lawyers and some 10,000 medical professionals. Perhaps they move at a much slower pace than you or I would like, but then I ask what have I done today that might advance human progress?

      Not everyone is a member of the Freemasons. Some are probably low level Masons looking to advance their careers. They would be unaware of its Luciferian cult objectives or rituals.

      • David 2 says:

        Apologies, I mistook Ian for Alan. However my reply would probably have been the same.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Yes keeping THE DREAM ALIVE eh David? You have every right to do that, and a right to invest your hopes in lost causes. Sadly, far too many people do.
        It’s admittedly a galant gesture and that’s all it will ever be.
        If you look at the bigger picture you will know why.
        Besides, this has already been tried and failed many times before around the world. FORGET the courts they are not there for us anymore. This is 2021, era of the NWO.
        The people involved just cannot accept the fact that the judiciaries are all owned and controlled by the same corrupt, treasonous governments who are currently in the process of enslaving us all and deliberately destroying our lives and our whole society.
        The judiciary are part of their evil Malthusian gang of humanity loathing tyrants. They are part of the problem, NEVER the solution

  3. redshadow says:

    The PCR Test Deception.

  4. David 2 says:

    Alan. If what you say is correct then we should all be vaccinated, we should agree that the power elite dictate for us and never question their authority. That is keeping THE DREAM ALIVE! It is precisely the lost cause that the Masons want you and everyone else to believe.

    Count me out.

    I prefer to be my own person, keep my wealth out of their system, think for humanity, thread unknown paths and never lose confidence.

    I am not part of their solution and never will be.

    History is not written in one day, one year or one millennium. I have no idea how it will or will not end. Perhaps you do, if so then please share your perception so that we can learn.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      I am very proud to announce David, that I was WRONG. At least about Dr Reiner Fuellmich…
      He’s DEFINITELY on the same pages as us!
      Just saw this 9 min clip from the David Knight Show
      Please watch, especially from the 6 minute mark.

      I sincerely apologize.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        I also concur David, that I was wrong to be so closed minded and negative towards you and your ideas. I admit that I’d veered off track.
        You have the attitude that’s needed in this war: ANYTHING anyone offers to the discourse is worthy of consideration and should be respected.
        The way I mocked you and your good ideas and constructive suggestions was wrong and I apologize.

        We are all on the same side here and I admit that I’d forgotten that we really are ‘all in this together’, but on the opposite side of the wall between freedom and tyranny that Boris Johnson, et al would like us to be.

  5. stevie k says:

    I bet Alan gets invited to a lot of parties…..

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Don’t understand the punchline of your sarcasm stevie, but if you were trying to insult me you didn’t…
      Even if I was invited to ‘a lot of parties’ I’d decline. I quit drinking and the dysfunctional lifestyle that comes with alcohol abuse, which almost destroyed me, 31 years ago. Thus have no interest in attending gatherings of inebriated idiots and observing them making complete fools of themselves while they and their inebriated fake friends think they’re ‘funny’.

    • ian says:

      What do you mean stevie?