Useful idiot Navratilova sides with genocide

She’s a creation of the media, and shows no ability to see beyond the falseness of her looking glass world.  COVID is a mild disease best dealt with by the immune system with minimal assistance from medicine.   Rates of death are rising in all countries where vaxx has been introduced, not from COVID but from primary organ failure, in people aged from 18 to 65.  This is unprecedented.  That’s how successful Navratilova’s medical opinions are – bunkum, and that’s how heroic Novak is being – standing up for life – against the mass murder of the vaccinators like Navratilova.

She is a media useful idiot these days and nothing more (See her other recent comments below).  She’d do a lot better to move on and find something constructive to do.  Former sports players hang around for decades in many cases getting more and more tragic as the years pass.  Being exploited by the media for cheap headlines is about the only role she has left.

Support Novak.  He is the one doing the heavy lifting for the anti-vaxx campaign to save humanity.  Navratilova’s fading fame is looking terminal and a sad reflection on her once great sporting career.

MEDIA – 8-time singles Slam champion Martina Navratilova has expressed her belief that Novak Djokovic should leave the country following the continuing saga of his attempts to play the Australian Open unvaccinated.

Navratilova sees the move as the right thing to do when considering the world number one’s apparent lone status as the only unvaccinated player in the men’s competition. There is still the chance that Djokovic will be deported by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke as an official decision on the matter is yet to be announced.

Speaking to Channel 7 News in Australia she said:

“[Getting vaccinated] may not be something you want to do. But, the numbers are astonishingly in favour of getting vaccinated, to get rid of this Covid, horrible infection, that’s infecting the whole world.  So you just suck it up! For the team! for the greater good!”


Novak’s fight isn’t to play tennis in Australia it’s a fight for the rights of 7 billion people across the globe being subjugated into the NWO Great Reset dystopia. His father has made that clear. (Sir Mood 2022 on Twitter)



14 Responses to “Useful idiot Navratilova sides with genocide”

  1. Aldous says:

    I’m disappointed if not surprised at Martina’s intervention. These ageing sporting relics are under extreme pressure to promote the Death Cult’s toxic narrative. Is her mind its own I wonder? 65 isn’t that old.
    She needs a good kick in the fanny – US vulgar slang for butt – for allowing herself to be so easily manipulated.
    I’ve never been convinced that she really was a dyke. Same with Billy jean King-Moffitt. They may dabble in a bit of such muff-diving – nothing much wrong with that – but my guess is they are mainly into men and vice versa.

    • archer says:

      Not sure how or why you think she’s not a comfortable shoe-wearer, Aldous. Certainly fits the mould, I’d say.

      Not my business, but wish she (and all others affected by the gayness) would keep it themselves – we don’t need to know, thanks.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi archer. I’m not convinced that MN is a dyke. There are so many high profile sports people ‘coming out’ these days that one has to be suspicious. It’s a mental illness of course and anything but normal. The sick ‘elites’ are using sport to unhinge the minds of the youngsters who are very impressionable to such malevolence.
        I don’t preach to these guys and I generally follow the ‘live and let live’ rule, often having a nice moment at the bar with them.
        A Spanish guy I knew was really good company at the bar and his sexuality was mostly a very side issue, if any issue at all. He was often more normal in many respects than most of the dodgy company I tend to keep.
        He had a fraught relationship with a disturbed neighbor which inevitably went south and the cops got involved.
        Sodomy like adultery has its price as nothing is for free.

    • ian says:

      Very eloquently put Aldous. Best laugh I’ve had today.

      • Aldous says:

        Martina doesn’t appear to have aged very well Ian. Some men and women age well like a fine wine but Martina seems to have turned to vinegar. I would not have recognised her from that photo. Too many women and not enough men possibly. It happens.
        The fanny/butt ‘lost in US/UK translation’ thing got me thinking about an incident in a downtown bar that I mostly frequent when ‘her indoors who must be obeyed at all times’ allows me out of the condo.
        It’s straight out of the Simpsons or Porkies or something but someone made a prank call to this lovely new lady on the bar asking for Michael who is a regular in there and everyone knows as Mike.
        Apparently she asks ‘Mike who?’ to which the guy answers ‘Michael Hunt’.
        She’s already fallen for the prank call hook, line and sinker and shouts: ‘Is there a Michael Hunt in the bar? Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?’
        Honestly, you could have heard a pin drop.
        Mike was in the building making the call from his mobile and his surname isn’t Hunt but C…

      • Aldous says:

        I honestly would have made a pass at once nubile-looking Martina in what now seems another life but after seeing that photo I think I’ll have to pass.
        The sands of time can be cruel.

      • ian says:

        Too true Aldous.

  2. Occams says:

    No surprise. Just another sellout. Doubtful she took the vaxx. Saline, placebo, ‘cap on’, or simply saying “I got mine!”

  3. archer says:

    She’s a wrong un anyway; why she’s been worshipped all this time (as an overrated tennis player), I’ll never know.

  4. David 2 says:

    I am surprised that Martina has not the balls to stand up to tyranny. (Perhaps balls is the wrong wording) She did not get to the top of her sport by being timid.

    She obviously listens to the news, on the hour every hour and has fallen victim to mass psychosis.

    This is a spiritual war, only those who cultivate the energy of life are unwilling to give up their soul to the devil. The majority of people are lazy and have fallen for the constant fear propaganda.

    • Tapestry says:

      Very nicely put David. Maybe a bit of cash goes her way for doing her sad media bit parts, which keeps her safely in the Satanic herd. Tennis stars are a bit like pop stars – only kept in place if they ‘behave’ – with an occasional bit of match rigging and so on. Federer threw key games to Murray for example, with ridiculous numbers of unforced errors. The fact that Farage rushed to Belgrade to ‘handle’ Novak’s parents indicates the Satanists are trying to keep the situation under control.

      • archer says:

        Agreed, Tap. Most in the public eye have sold their soul to the devil to get themselves there.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Farage writes – Australia really is a banana republic.

    Djokovic deported on the grounds of public health, as if the unvaccinated are lepers.

    This is the exercise of arbitrary power overruling a court judgement. Australia has become a nasty, authoritarian state.
    Novak Djokovic faces deportation after Australian government revokes his visa for a second time
    World No 1 Novak Djokovic had been waiting since a judge overturned the original decision on Monday to find out whether Immigration Minister Alex etc etc

    Farage knows where to stand to collect the votes once the Tories implode. Doing for Britons what Trump does for Americans, losing elections to vote rigging and Satanic power and cooperating with their crimes when push comes to shove. He may deliver some points for freedom. Apart from the tiny effort of the English Democrats who else have we got?

  6. David 2 says:

    The freemason politicians are indeed coming into the open.

    It will be interesting to hear Novak’s opinion or will they find a way to silence him?

    My bet is that they will threaten the safety of his family. Family is the most important thing in life. All our emotions and values come from our family.