Is the truth coming out? Really?


Or has the media decided they have to pretend to be revealing all the truths and expose all the lies, while maintaining the panic?

Unless they expose Fauci as Robert F Kennedy has done in his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, this is weak tosh and is not going to unseat those responsible for killing millions of Americans with nanoparticle-laced vaccines.

Megyn Kelly on how the left is coming around to the COVID truth on vaccines, lockdowns, masks, cases vs. hospitalizations, and more. 

Some truth maybe, but lots more to go, folks.

Fauci is making billions not a few hundred thousand.  Come on!  She’s pulling her punches.  This is more about playing Republican/Democrat point-scoring games.

Well.  It’s a start I suppose.  It shows they can’t maintain the narrative without sounding sceptic, even if a watered down version of the real horror story of mass murder.

This won’t waken anyone.  In fact it seems calculated to send everyone back to sleep while they murder a few million more.