Dr Stephen Karanja – a Kenyan hero

Dr Karanja advised the people of Kenya against taking the Covid 19 jab. Eight weeks later he was dead! Supposedly died of Covid. Hmmm!?

The link to Dr. Stephen Karanja’s statement has been removed from the web but fortunately I had it downloaded as a PDF and can now share it with you.

2 Responses to “Dr Stephen Karanja – a Kenyan hero”

  1. ian says:

    Shows with exceptional clarity, the ease and contempt with which the resistance is dealt with, to, ahem look after “”health””? A Fkn no brainer.

    Saying that, my youngest son, who is a wind up merchant par excellence, was at a club last night, and,,, without too much info, most he wound up would like to see us “hesitant”, I know, souls, held down and vaxxinated at least, if not worse. Disturbing AF, however, not unexpected.