5G Launches Across the U.S.A., TONIGHT

All of a sudden, 5G launches, TONIGHT, in 36 cities, as airlines cancel scores of flights—but it’s okay, because the New York Times deems 5G just as safe as those “vaccines”

Mark Crispin Miller – substack Jan 19, 2022

Some day the Times will pay for what it’s done to all the rest of us

If (God forbid) any planes should crash, or if this sudden national rollout should have any other catastrophic consequences, let us not forget the New York Times‘ long cover-up, and/or denial, of the likely health hazards and ruinous environmental impact (and the exquisite surveillance function) of 5G.

Whereas a good newspaper would have properly reported those concerns, the Gray Lady has functioned only to promote 5G, exactly as she’s done with the “vaccines”—serving as a (literal) booster of the evil in both cases.

Tonight it’s relevant to point out that the Times’ largest single shareholder, Carlos Slim, made his billions as a telecom colossus, and that the Gray Lady has a business partner in Verizon (as the paper has itself reported breathlessly):

Since early 2019, the 5G Journalism Lab, a collaboration between The New York Times and Verizon and an extension of The Times’s R&D team, has been developing and testing new technologies that take advantage of 5G capabilities to produce and deliver authoritative visual journalism much faster.

Who cares if that partnership might make the Times’ output “much faster,” if it’s also made the Times’ journalism worse? What we don’t know can kill us; and we don’t know enough about 5G, just as millions of us haven’t known enough about the “vaccination” program that this rotten paper also has promoted—and so intently, and dishonestly, as to comprise what may eventually be recognized by all as an unprecedented crime against humanity.  

5G Launches In 36 Cities Tonight; Airline CEOs Issue Warning, Canceling Scores of Flights To the US, Over Grave Safety Concerns

5G May Interfere with Radio wave Altimeter, to possible “catastrophic” effect

Celia Farber

Jan 19

“A slew of international airlines on Tuesday cut flights to the U.S. and one even suspended travel indefinitely to some American cities, citing concerns over Wednesday’s planned deployment of 5G service.”

—Fox News Business

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When I think of those east end lights
Muggy nights the curtains drawn
In the little room downstairs
Prima donna Lord you really should have been there
Sittin’ like a princess perched in her electric chair
And it’s one more beer and I don’t hear you anymore
We’ve all gone crazy lately
My friend’s out there rolling ’round the basement floor

Bernie Taupin/Elton John

We were all caught off guard. It was encrypted, occluded, secret, yet not.


Nobody would answer any questions about it. Not one. Now suddenly this evening, we see news stories about many international and domestic airlines refusing to fly in to the US starting tonight, due to grave concerns over how 5G impacts radio altimeter systems, needed to land planes safely in bad weather. And the monster will be switched on in 36 states, tomorrow.

Now they tell us.

How many of you have Arthur Firstenberg’s masterpiece, The Invisible Rainbow,next to the bed, largely unread, from a feeling your soul might finally give up entirely, if you knew all the facts and history in this book?

I have been asking, as I’m sure you have, when, exactly, 5G is going to be “rolled out,” and whether there are ways to mitigate the damage. I heard it was going to be Jan 5th, then I heard, no, two weeks later. It seems that was actually true.

I escaped my NYC apartment in 2020 (under cell tower since 2007) but have to return periodically, and each time I do, my symptoms get stranger. Last time I was there I saw neon blue zig zag patterns on the lower right side of my front door, and inside my apartment. Headaches, creepy crawly skin, sinus pressure, swelling under eyes, and worst of all, a feeling of unshakeable sadness, or maybe more like the absence of something I once recognized as “me.”

I have truly bizarre forms of memory loss; Many of us do.

3 days ago, my oldest friend called me from Sweden. “You sound like you’re in a bathtub,” I said. He replied that he was in a psychiatric hospital. I asked what he felt happened. He was speaking very fast but I heard him say “5G.”

I made him repeat it. Before we hung up, he said something I had to write down.

“Celia, if you want to make sure nobody believes you, tell the truth.”

“I believe you,” I said.

“I know,” he said.

5G Coverage Map, US

[Where should we flee to next?]


Airline CEOs are calling for “immediate intervention” ahead of Wednesday’s 5G rollout, warning it may cause massive flight disruptions nationwide. @tomcostellonbc has the details.