When we said “you’re not alone”, how right we were!

Turns out people are smarter than we’ve been allowed to believe.

by Steve Cook

Recently we ran an article entitled  The unjabbed looking smarter by the day as mismanaged killjab mess costs lives, in which we pointed out that events are rapidly proving right all those who spoke out about the dangers of the experimental jabs weighed  against what is in fact a very low order of risk for the vast majority of us from Covid itself.

The low order of risk has been very clearly  spelled out by the Chief Medical Officer himself, although amid the media-and-government-spawned hysteria, that reality has been deliberately obscured.

Here is the CMO, Chris Whitty very clearly explaining how the vast majority of us either won’t catch Covid at all or will experience it as a mild or moderate illness.

This is especially the case in light of allied developments:

1. the known effective remedies for Covid that reduce the likelihood of death from it from a slight 0.03 percent to even more negligible levels.

2. the typical evolution of the virus to even less virulent strains, arriving at the very mild  Omicron Variant, over which the gov has made a spectacle of itself by nevertheless trying to stoke up some hysteria of the “Oh my God we’re all gonna die!” variety.

Weighing this low-for-most-of-us risk from the bug against the increasingly evident risks posed by the rushed experimental vaccines, many made the sensible choice not to get vaccinated, especially as effective remedies safer than the vaccines are available should we need them.

Unless one is already weakened by serious pre-existing conditions that would render catching an otherwise mild bug such as covid or other cold- or flu-like ailments dangerous, declining the vax was always the rational choice, given all the facts.

Sadly, millions who took the vaxes were not given all the facts, either about the relative mildness of the bug nor the known risks posed by the experimental vaccines  (which have accumulated in a single year more adverse reactions and fatalities than all other vaxes combined IN HISTORY).

Be that as it may, as events are now unfolding, those who did a bit of homework and looked deeper than the spin and PR of notoriously dishonest sources such as newspapers and politicians have been shown to have made the smart decisions. This is especially so now that, along with the various non-Covid complications  (heart problems, blood clots, MS etc etc etc) it is becoming evident that the vaxed are more prone than the unvaxed to death and illness from covid-like disease. (see this article)

One of the gov propaganda mind games – courtesy of the large “mass psychology” contingent advising it – designed to name-call, taunt, browbeat or demoralise a (for them) frighteningly virile freedom movement, was to lie about how many people had refused any vax, the strategy being to make the unvaxed feel they are in a small minority.

Therefore the government would claim that five  million of us had refused their killjabs. Many of us were proud to be in that five million and given the PR, censorship and propaganda onslaught spanning two years to which the populace has been subjected, this seemed to us to be a large movement!

(FIVE MILLION PEOPLE standing up for truth and refusing to bow before the unprecedented psychological warfare offensive? Wow! That’s a hell of a resistance movement that seems to us, moreover, destined inevitably to grow as over time the truth leaked inexorably through the increasingly porous government screens of censorship.

But it turns out the organically burgeoning grass roots Freedom Movement is doing MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!

The true figure for eligible people refusing ANY  vax for Covid it turns out was THREE TIMES that at 15.3 million IN ENGLAND ALONE.

And if you define “vaccinated” as it is now defined, as having had all three shots, the slow take-up of the booster, despite vigorous government efforts to whip up Omicron hysteria and herd us to the killjab stations means that at present over 32 million eligible people IN ENGLAND are not vaccinated. For a more thorough analysis please see this article in the always excellent “The Expose”.

What this amounts to is evidence that The People are a lot smarter than they have been given credit for.

But that’s how propaganda works in the skilled hands of antisocial maniacs.

Of course, having had a vaccine – or all three – does not necessarily signal support for the government or even much belief in its assertions, as many have been browbeaten, bullied, shamed, intimidated, threatened or conned into it and that coercion is going to rankle and fester specially when many vaxed people start getting ill – a process that has already begun.

But the hidden dissent and thus the hidden terminal weakness of the government (and let’s face it a government that finds it necessary to lie to the people relentlessly is weak) may be even worse than that because there is a huge ambiguity over how precisely the government us arriving at its “numbers vaccinated’ stats.

There may lie hidden at the core of it yet another dose of jiggerypokery with the statistics, as retired NHS statistician John Dee explained in a recent Facebook post (John Dee’s Almanac):

Last time I looked at the definitions on the UK GOV coronavirus dashboard the official wording used was ‘vaccination event’; what does that mean exactly? Is an event a needle in the arm or is an event a booked slot? Over on the ECDC webpages you’ll see a distinction made between distributed doses and administered doses, the former being larger than the latter.
So what is an administered dose? Is this a dose actually given to somebody or is it based on the dosage value of opened vials? Each vial contains a fixed number of doses (6 for Pfizer adult/adolescent after dilution) and is barcoded, so when a nurse opens a vial and swipes the barcode presumably the system chalks up another 6 administered doses. If only 3 of those doses are used what then?
It is not at all clear to me how they are keeping track of bone fide shots in the arm. Perhaps somebody would enlighten us!

Stay tuned for more updates as the government’s winter offensive against The People bogs down in the mud of No Man’s Land.


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When we said “you’re not alone”, how right we were!


7 Responses to “When we said “you’re not alone”, how right we were!”

  1. ian says:

    Turns out people are smarter than we’ve been allowed to believe.
    Allowed by who?.
    If and it’s a big if, we come through this lot of crap, an understatement if ever I made one, this period of our government deliberately murdering as many of us as it can, we must never forgive or forget those who are behind it, nor those assisting in it’s operation. No crocodile tears. We can make many scaffolds from the trees blown down in the recent storms. We must send a signal that we have as much, if not more right to the planet, as these parasitic cockroaches, who would like it for themselves and us all dead.

    • gpfla says:

      The parasites are out federal, state, county, and city government officials or leaders.
      Yes, you know some of them personally. To stay employed, they have comply with the forcing of mandates which aren’t laws.

      They have sold their souls to push this agenda. If you say “they wouldn’t”. then why do mask mandates continue and the push for our deaths through the jab continue whether you live?

      They are ALL apart of this death cult.

      • ian says:

        I don’t doubt it gpfla. There are many pushing it. We have first to stop it by non compliance. We can then proceed.

  2. Gordon says:

    “Here is the CMO, Chris Whitty very clearly explaining how the vast majority of us either won’t catch Covid at all or will experience it as a mild or moderate illness.”

    It’s not the first time I’ve heard nitty Whitty come out with the above statement, likewise Prime Misfit Johnston. By doing so they are covering their ass if taken to court and will blame the media for construing and exaggerating their statements.