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UK Government report admits there are 23.5 Million people in England who have NOT had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine

For months the British public have been deceived with tales that there are just 5 million people in the United Kingdom who have refused to take up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine. But today we can reveal that this is a lie.

It is a complete fabrication that has no doubt been used to make those who have refused the jab feel as if they are part of a minority, because an official UK Government report proves that in England alone there are approximately 23.5 million people who have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

It was back in September that the British public were told there were 5 million Brits who had so far refused the experimental jabs. Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor and former president of GlaxoSmithKline, announced in a televised Covid-19 briefing that “There are five million or so people who are eligible for vaccines now who haven’t been vaccinated,”.

Well it turns out the “or so” make up approximately another 10.3 million people in England alone as of December 17th 2021, bringing the grand total of people eligible to have the Covid-19 jab to 15.3 million, and 23.5 million when including all children under the age of 12.

The population of England is approximately 56 million, and according to ‘Statista’ the 2020 figures show that approximately 3.23 million of those are aged 4 and under, and a further 3.54 million are aged between 5 and 9.

The Statists site also states that approximately 3.44 million are between the ages of 10 and 14, so if we divide that number equally by five and then times by two we can roughly work out the number of 10 and 11 year old children and work out the total population of England eligible for a Covid-19 injection, which is of course everyone over the age 12.

That equation totals 1.38 million, therefore in England, there are approximately 8.2 million children under the age of 12, and 47.8 million eligible for Covid-19 vaccination.

Which brings us to the UK Health Security Agency Week 50 Vaccine Surveillance Report.

The UK Health Security Agency recently replaced Public Health England and is sponsored by the Department for Health and Social Care and headed by Dr Jenny Harries.

Within their weekly Vaccine Surveillance Report they publish a section on ‘Population impact’ of the Covid-19 vaccines, and it interestingly states that ‘by 12th December 2021, the overall vaccine uptake in England for dose 1 was 67.9% and for dose 2 was 62.2%.’

The report also clearly states that uptake for dose 3 was 31.4%.

Here’s how those percentages translate in terms of the actual population of England –

As we can see from the above according to the UK Health Security Agency report, 32.4 million people have had a single dose, 29.7 million people have had a second dose, and 15 million people have had a third dose as of December 12th 2021.

This means there are 23.5 million people who have refused to partake in the largest real-world experiment ever conducted, not just 5 million that has been claimed for months and used to write discrimatory articles such as this one from journalist Andrew Neil –


“There are still 5 million unvaccinated British adults, who through fear, ignorance, irresponsibility or sheer stupidity refuse to be jabbed. In doing so they endanger not just themselves but the rest of us.” wrote Andrew Neil for the Daily Mail.

“If they contract Covid, it is they who will put the biggest strain on the NHS, denying the rest of us with serious non-Covid ailments the treatment that is our right. We are all paying a heavy price for this hard core of the unvaccinated”.

Not only is Andrew Neil peddling the lie that there are just 5 million unvaccinated Brits, he’s also peddling the lie that they are putting the biggest strain on the NHS.

Because official data found within several UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance reports shows that it is the vaccinated population who have accounted for the majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations since at least 16 Aug 21

According to the following reports –

Between Aug 16 and Dec 05, the unvaccinated population accounted for 11,767 Covid-19 hospitalisations. But the vaccinated population accounted for nearly double the amount, recording 19,730 hospitalisations, with 18,406 of those being among the 2/3 dose vaccinated population. This means the vaccinated population have accounted for 63% of Covid-19 hospitalisations since August 2021.

It gets even worse for the vacinated population when it comes to deaths though.

Between 16 Aug 21 and 05 Dec 21 there were 3,070 Covid-19 deaths among the unvaccinated population in England, compared to 12,058 deaths among the vaccinated population during the same time frame. That is a 293% difference.

The public are being fed lie, after lie, after lie.



5 Responses to “UK Government report admits there are 23.5 Million people in England who have NOT had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine”

  1. ian says:

    It would be interesting to see these figures by region and age group. I have yet to meet anyone who’ll admit that they’re not vaccinated in my area. I’m in Scotland but only by a mile or so.

    • Gordon says:

      Strange but true.

      Phoned a friend today to see if she needed a bag o’ tatties frae the farm which she didn’t and the chat digressed to her saying that this virus was everywhere. I asked her if she knew of anyone in the village who had it. – She answered, “No.”

      Later I happened to be in the village and watched the doctor come from his car and put on his face mask and thought wouldn’t you think that the so called educated would have the savvy to investigate what’s going on.
      Sometimes I just don’t understand folk.

      • ian says:

        It is very difficult to understand Gordon, and I think it must take more than just intellect to see it. Perhaps, enough curiosity to have delved into how things really work, before any of this crap was rolled out. Even before any of the latest fiasco started, I knew from personal experience, the facts and logic wouldn’t wake them. I often thought that was alone, as it seemed that no-one could see what I saw. Then I found Tap’, and others sites with like minded souls. It has never been easy.

      • john_smith says:

        There’s a lot of research and science behind getting people to behave like that. Listen from 1:41:10

  2. Tapestry says:

    People who were laughing at me telling them not to do it a few weeks ago are now suffering symptoms – living in fear and suffering. It gives not a gram of pleasure. It’s awful watching the plot play out as if in slow motion. Every day, sometimes every hour brings more bad news.

    I found friends who had been reading my blog ten years ago said they would stop as they found it too depressing to read. At least 90% prefer to live a false dreamworld created by main media until their moment to be moved on arrives. Once they’ve brought illness into their own bodies through the V, they have even less interest in hearing that they did it to themselves. Maybe human nature is designed to not think, to want to comply and then hope for the best. The powerful created us and they didn’t want any serious resistance when they finally came to dispose of us. The demons feed on our distress so they would naturally go to a lot of trouble to make sure we become distressed, and in the process ensure our spirits are rendered weak and powerless.

    The programme is not experimental but well planned – decades in advance. If the enemy works as one for decades, and most people dedicate not even ten minutes to researching what their enemy is up to, the result is a foregone conclusion. Or is it? Brilliant video John Smith. Thanks. Mind construct has replaced mind control. People need to construct their own minds. We are fighting demons – the spirits give their powers to people, and get us to fight the people they deploy. Why do we not go for the demons directly, she says? The people depend for their power entirely on their connection to the demonic army. Work out which demonic being you are fighting against in your city.

    If you tear down their strongholds, the spirits of goodness will drive out the demons for you. The spirits display their dominion, out of pride. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I bind you and I cast you out. Don’t bother fighting the people. Fight the demons and principalities that control them or their organisation. Identify the symbols which reveal the demons that are besetting us in our location. If we allow that wickedness to continue in the area you are in, there is a price to pay. We should be stewarding the location, see the wickedness and work to stop it. God will come in and support if we act. If we do nothing, there will be a price to pay. You are equipped to deal with these principalities (demons) – to say no, to rebuke them, to have rule over them. We have the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy is taking our ground. The Lord wants it regained and freed from wickedness and oppression. She describes a bottle of oil to annoint/consecrate to give it back to the Lord. Plenty more to add. Use the weapon that we have in our hands. Each person has this power. Jessie challenges you to use this power and fight the demons that are besetting us. Pray. Fast. Listen. People who are afraid and want to be healed, should use this pathway. God wants you to be healed. Ask him for help. Ask for wisdom, for knowledge. https://www.bitchute.com/video/HhUszV79kAL4/

    If you doubt we are being beset by demons, read Robert F Kennedy’s book The Real Dr Fauci. If you turn to him, the hand of God will move. The demons will back off.
    Check out her books – JESSIE CZEBOTAR

    I took part in driving out a demon from our home and can vouch for the process. It’s described in my autobiography Angels and Devils – My Extraordinary Life – available via Kindle on Amazon or hardback from my office via info@curteis.com. written under my real name – Henry Curteis