Every single Covid-19 Vaccination is a Vote for the new Global Dictatorship

Politicians do not care about your health. They care about your vote.
In the past we voted with our hands. Today we vote with our shoulders. 

When a British Politician such as Boris Johnson or Sajid Javid begs for your vaccination. They are begging for your vote.
When an Austrian politician legislates mandatory vaccinations, they are stealing your vote.

When the main stream media print misleading statistics about vaccination effectiveness they are attempting to influence your vote like they do in every election.

When the fake president of the United States makes an executive order for a vaccine mandate he is trying to rig the election (as if he would do any thing like that).

My apologies for being so slow to see it.

By a concerned reader

We are all partaking in a COVERT election for a world wide fascist dictatorship based on a social credit score linked digital smart currency which is denied to the unvaxxed by means of vaccine passports.

Every shot you take, every shoulder your present, every jab your receive is a vote to lose your human rights, to lose your national democracy, to lose your national sovereignty, to lose your right to socialise with whom you choose or be treated by the doctor whom you choose, with the treatment which you and he choose. Actually your doctor has already lost the right to treat you as he sees fit.

It is also a vote to segregate, to demonise, to exclude, to fine, to criminalise and to incarcerate your naturally immune unvaccinated brothers and sisters on false health grounds.

It is a vote for worldwide apartheid and worldwide vaxxism. It is a vote to abolish your country and your government in favour of a global multinational corporate giga-plutocracy

Of course nobody in their right mind would have voted for any of these things had the election been carried out in an open and honest manner. In fact UK opinion polls carried out by Good Morning Britain and then quickly deleted off twitter, show that 90% of people in the UK do not want vaccine mandates. Whereas YouGov polls say we all want to be told what to do by the government every minute of every day. – https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/12/20/9-in-10-oppose-lockdown-gmb-poll/

But this vaccination election has been disguised as a therapeutic medical intervention necessary for the health of the nation and critical in saving our health services.

It is no such thing. It is an unnecessary genetic takeover, a commoditisation of our immune systems by globalists for political purposes. And our health service has already been destroyed by politics not by a virus.

It is the wrong type of vaccination (there was never any need to change our genes – sputnik and novavax prove that).

It is against the wrong part of the virus (the spike protein is highly pathogenic). It should have been against all nucleocapsid proteins, not the spike proteins according to research cited by Dr Richard Flemming.- What we now know is that the greatest natural immunity to this virus comes off the nucleocapsid component of it (not the spike protein) which you can only get if you get it from person to person (transmission), that data just recently came out.

It should have been against all the proteins in the variant not merely against 12% of the proteins that occur in the spike
It is now against the wrong variant. A vaccination for the Wuhan Alpha spike protein is next to useless against the 32 mutation Omicron spike protein.

It is the wrong intervention. Vaccinations have never been particularly effective against the flu. Therapeutics such as Vitamin D, Zinc + cell opener, Vitamin C, Mouthwashes containing Cetylpyridinium Chloride or Iodine, Monoclonal antibodies, Proxalutamide, Fluvoxamine, Budesonide, are far more effective today than vaccines. Vaccines worked at a decreasing rate against Wuhan alpha for 5 months until the damage done to the immune system by the gene therapy overtook the benefit of the antigen training of the initial jab.

“You will own nothing and you will be happy” says Klaus Schwab. That is his goal. It is plainly not our goal. I do not want Klaus Schwab to own anything of mine. But we are voting for it with each vaccination we accept.

Yes, our votes stand written by the vaccination needle in the ink of Pfizer and Moderna in the ballot box of our very souls. And we have been conned.

I pity the doctors and nurses the most. They have been trained in a highly specialised discipline for 5 to 10 years and they are being threatened with the sack if they do not take a medical intervention which all their training tells them is unnecessary if they have had the virus and at best of marginal short term benefit if they have not. I have never in my life seen a more unjust penalty for a more invalid misdemeanour.

Most unvaxxed front line staff already have antibodies to the virus – particularly because Matt Hancock failed to provide any PPE at the start of the pandemic. Those with natural immunity pose less of a threat to patients than the vaxxed. 8 weeks ago according to the UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report for Week42, vaccinated people between 40 and 79 were 50% more likely to catch and therefore transmit Covid-19 than those who voted against the NWO by refusing their shoulders.

It is a fact that immune system efficiency in the vaccinated decreases with time (which is misrepresented by government scientists and the media as vaccines losing efficiency – which is impossible, since vaccines do not do anything after the first 2 weeks). So today despite corrupted UKHSA figures from Week43 onwards resulting from a severe telling off by The Office of Statistical Regulation (TOSR) in Week42, the immune systems of the doubly vaccinated between 40 and 79 will be around 75-85% degraded in Covid response rather than 50% (depending upon how linear the degradation is).

So it is the vaccinated doctors and nurses who present a danger to the patients, not the unvaxxed. This can also be seen by the wonderful way in which South Africa with 26% double vaccination and 72% antibody immunity (therefore at least 46% natural immunity) has negotiated Omicron.

Never has a greater injustice been perpetrated on the medical profession. Politicians should not be prescribing medical interventions for doctors. Doctors should be prescribing psychological interventions for politicians. Doctors do not generally know how to make a living outside of medicine. They are now being instructed in writing in violation of all sorts of employment law, to get vaxxed or get a non patient facing job? Pardon me?

Allow me to point out the blindingly obvious here. If politicians do not care about Doctors’ jobs or about Nurses’ Jobs, then they most certainly do not care about your health or about the NHS.

No. They care about Doctors’ votes and Nurses’ votes and they will do absolutely anything to get those votes.

They do not care if you live or die so long as you live or die voting with your shoulder. They do not care if doctors consult with patients or consult with job centre advisors, so long as their shoulders consult with Pfizer or Moderna.

I do wonder if George Soros and Bill Gates thought there was more political control to be gained over humanity in persuading people to eat cheeseburgers than there is in persuading them to take vaccines, whether millions of people would now be queuing up to get burgered and Sajid Javid would be begging us to eat more cheeseburgers and all restauranteurs who offer healthier food would be threatened with losing their jobs if they did not offer cheeseburgers instead and I would now be writing this piece as an antiburgerer. –  Is this how corrupt we have all become?

The medical unions have totally failed their members. My God have they failed. Where is the total medical strike? How can they indulge such discrimination against their members? Unite and Unison have become Divide and Division. What is the point in being a part of a union that deserts its members when they need it the most? when their entire livelihood is threatened with imminent destruction?

Let’s think this through. The world is facing a medically powered tyranny. Therefore the most important people in this battle are medical personnel. Therefore they may have the power to stop this. That may be why they are being pushed so hard. Here are some strategies that might help individually.

1. Claim for harassment – threat of being sacked for no valid medical reason.
2. Claim for discrimination in violation of 2010 Equalities act.
3. Vaccinations breach the hippocratic oath – they harm the immune system and the vascular system and every cell that is infected with spike protein genes will be marked and killed by killer T cells (not good if they are heart muscle cells or brain cells)

As a side note. When you are vaccinated, the pressure exerted through the tiny needle forces the vaccine containing 14.4 trillion (Pfizer) or 48 trillion (Moderna) copies of the Wuhan Alpha Spike protein RNA in a nano lipid particle coating into your deltoid muscle cells and into the interstitial space between those cells.

If you are unlucky, because nobody bothers to aspirate the vaccination, which used to be standard practice, when the health of the patient was a concern, the needle hits a vein and you get trillions of spike proteins charging straight into your heart.

If you are lucky, then the interstitial fluid between your muscle cells drains into your lymphatic system and from there into your blood stream and from there into your heart in smaller quantity and at a much slower rate.

But make no mistake. Your immune system recognises every vaccinated cell that starts to produce spike proteins and sends killer T cells to destroy it. If that cell is in your shoulder muscle fine. If that cell is in your heart muscle or your brain – not fine. Professor Neils Hoibe from the University of Copenhagen (781 publications, 44,327 citations) describes this process in a video with Dr John Campbell (both are careful not to be seen as too antivax).

But a collective approach is the real answer. Vaccinated medics must join with the unvaxxed in a forum and take a decision to stand together and not be separated by vaccine politics. I would argue that the hippocratic oath requires it because losing medical staff will cause harm especially given the massive backlog of overdue consultations and treatments for chronic conditions.

Let us speak plainly here. The NHS is finished unless the medics find some way to take back some power from the politicians. What is needed is some type of industrial action. The idea that one cannot do that because patients will suffer has largely been superceded by events. Patients are already suffering from NHS dictats. We are in the midst of a war on patient care.

The government has turned the NHS into an almost entirely political instrument for procuring Global Dictatorship votanations. Somehow the medics need to devise a way to claw it back and return it to being a medical service for patients not a lobbying service for global fascists and corporate monopolists.

The best method to fight this would be for ALL MEDICS to agree to cease Covid vaccination entirely until their demands are met. That would absolutely work. And would not do any harm to anyone because a 3rd Jab against Wuhan Alpha is next to useless against Omicron. It is not telling the immune system anything that it has not seen twice before. It would work because for reasons beyond the grasp of even the most degenerate conspiracy theorist, politicians are mad dog crazy about vaccination numbers.

The way to sell that idea might be to state the truth that CHD and Cancer pose a greater threat than Omicron to the NHS and to patients lives and so rather than suspending treatment for those conditions in order to focus on covid, all doctors as a profession have decided to do the reverse as far as vaccinations are concerned.

“If doctors as a group refuse to vaccinate they will get whatever they want”

The demands to be negotiated are a matter for the medics. But an end to politicians prescribing for doctors must be a central one. I would go further and demand that full medical treatment autonomy be returned to the doctors who are presently reduced by political interference to being bureaucrats following medical procedures laid down by committees from regulators funded by the likes of Bill Gates. That is not medicine. It is medical feudalism.

Bill Gates succeeded in monopolising PC operating systems. Monopolists like him are very close to achieving the same goal with medicine. They are using that monopoly to usurp and corrupt duly elected governments around the world. This is the new imperialism.

From the Romans to the British and the Americans and the Russians it was military imperialism. From WW2 to today it has been political imperialism through the EU and the UN etc. But now it has become medical imperialism. The end result is always the same. Misery for the masses and hypocrisy for the elite. Klaus Schwab is wrong and he knows it. We will have nothing (our digital currency will be worthless in the absence of a good social credit score) and we shall be miserable and we shall be chronically sick and dependent upon the next vaccination for our next breath.

That is what we vote for with every vaccination we take.