Behind the killshot drive: the two urgencies bordering on panic

by Steve Cook

15.3 million people in England alone who are eligible for the killshots have not had a single one. That is THREE TIMES the government figure but the government issuing false stats to support its agenda is nothing new.

The operation spearheaded by the globalist subversive proxies in our government is evidently to drive the entire populace into submitting to the killshot.

This has floundered despite the most pernicious, extravagantly funded, relentless propaganda (ie lying) campaign you ever saw, plus threats, pressure, slander, sneers. etc etc. In the face of all that spanning two years 15+ million people in England alone have not caved in.

At the same time, deaths and adverse reactions in the wake of the killshots are already escalating with the likelihood that over time they will go on rising as the main damage done by the killshots will be, as predicted from the outset, in the long-term rather than the short-term.

Hence the drive to convince the public of the existence of a rampaging killer virus that threatens their lives, despite a mass of evidence to the contrary, is now fueled by two urgencies bordering on panic:

1. To somehow convince a (for them) dangerously large Covidissident (I just made at up, lol) Movement to ignore the evidence and believe or at least submit to the corrupt and deceitful government and line up for their experimental jabs before the aforesaid dissidence spreads any further.
2. To blame the soaring broad-spectrum vacksadoodle deaths and injuries on a “new variant” and to do this fast and convincingly before the truth leaks out more than it already has to the general populace.

Hence the current offensive using the same tired, transparent and largely exposed feeble fear porn strategies in which some sort of cold or cold-like bug is hyped and propagandised so as to – they hope – achieve 1 and 2 above.

So far, the predictions of the Freedom Movement have been pretty on-the-nail.

We predicted also that the pattern of lockdown would be the same as last year (pretend reluctant to do something already planned, then pretend reluctantly bowing to the (lol)”science” etc etc) and timed once more to cause maximum dismay, hurt and inconvenience so as to drive an increasingly unconvinced and free-thinking populace into cowed obedience.

Fat chance.

The message rising loud and clear from an increasingly cheesed-off populace to the government is that the government should fek off, keep fekkng off until it has fekked off right around the planet, then fekk of some more. and then go right on fekking off until We The People are fully satisfied that it has fekked off enough.

As it seems at this juncture the government is unlikely to comply, dancing as it does on the puppet strings of globalist psychopaths, we have been predicting and still expect these enemies of the nation to be undeterred by the threadbare thinness of their excuses and to attack the country with another act of subversion known as “lockdown”.

Wait for it . .

Wait for it . . .

The People’s Media

Behind the killshot drive: the two urgencies bordering on panic